A Look Inside The Container Store in King of Prussia + 5 Facts

Monday, March 10, 2014

Um Hi, my name is Ellen and I'm obsessed with anything having to do with organizing!   I almost had a panic attack as I walked into The Container Store in King of Prussia.  I actually got to preview the store last week before it even opened!

 photo IMG_2955_zps68058d2c.jpg 
 photo IMG_2956_zps380cfa7c.jpg 
I arrived to find boxed lunches for all attendees and a nice seating area with some goodies on each chair.  

So here are some awesome pics of the store and a few things I learned about it.  

 photo IMG_2957_zpse4b19555.jpg  photo IMG_2958_zps5a634236.jpg
Elfa!!!!   What a great solution for organizing a closet! 
 photo IMG_2961_zps51774c84.jpg  photo IMG_2963_zpsd97c0cca.jpg So many hanger!
 photo IMG_2966_zpseec222fd.jpg 
Awesome Jewelry Storage Drawers!  photo IMG_2968_zps308b930d.jpg  photo IMG_2969_zpsf07859d1.jpg I totally need these!
 photo IMG_2970_zps66945c0f.jpg 
 photo IMG_2973_zps61391f7e.jpg  photo IMG_2978_zpsa4813424.jpg Travel Goodies Galore! photo IMG_2980_zpsa28be1a0.jpg 
Here are some of the other ladies, including Jessie from Trend Hungry! photo IMG_2981_zpsd38261f2.jpg  photo IMG_2986_zpsec6b9e70.jpg Great acrylic organizing storage and sticky stuff!! photo IMG_2987_zps91a286e4.jpg I call this: THE RAINBOW WALL! photo IMG_2989_zps8a5250e4.jpg  photo IMG_2991_zps52a81ee6.jpg 
TO DO LISTS! AHHH MY FAVORITE! photo IMG_2993_zps1366b71e.jpg  photo IMG_3003_zps0a6167d6.jpg 
There were tons of other containers for gifts, decoration, and practically any other idea you can come up with!  photo IMG_3004_zps096f68a0.jpg  photo IMG_3005_zps5d5d9187.jpg  photo IMG_3007_zpsbb233290.jpg  photo IMG_3013_zps52149d4d.jpg
So what did I learn?   A few things: 

1. This King of Prussia location is their first in Pennsylvania! The 24,000 square feet of storage and organizing solutions is well worth the drive! 

2. No other retailer offers this much stuff!    They have over 300 food storage solutions, 750 organized office products, 45 types of laundry hampers, 350 organized travel products, and 70 styles of hangers! 

3. The average full-time salesperson at The Container Store goes through over 263 hours of training.   This ensures the best customer service to all customers so you never have to feel lost and alone when trying to make a decision or figure something out while in store! 

4. The Container Store loves their employees.  They even have somewhat of a "rainy day fund" that they donated $100,000 into last year so that if something tragic happens to an employee they can help with costs whether it's a natural disaster or a bad personal experience.  That is so amazing to me! You can read more about how much they care about their employees and customers on their blog, What We Stand For

5. They support Made in the USA products.  You can find them everywhere you look!    

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. Wow, looks like container heaven! I really like the closet organizers & setups. That is something that I am going to look into doing when I get moved for in the bedrooms. Thanks for sharing Ellen. Very fun & informative.

  2. I love the store but it's so dangerous for me to go into one LOL.

  3. I love to go to our local The Container Store; we were there one day last week. If I worked there, I'd never take a pay check home! That or The Home Goods Store! I had DH with me and it's too much walking for him so I didn't buy anything. He tends to tired easy and gets testy when I'm taking too much time to look around. I try to get him out every other day to keep him from getting depressed. We are in process of decluttering in the garage..I've been waiting for warmer weather to do that and this past weekend was perfect for it. Taking a donation of stuff to our favorite Thrift store tomorrow, plus lots of old house paint to the dump..too old to be any good to anybody.


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