I Have Compassion 4 Anti Bully

Monday, March 10, 2014

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Standing up for what I believe in is very important to me whether that's supporting equality in marriage, animal rights, or kindness to others.  I'm not afraid to say it loud and proud, and so today I'm going to show you how I support the fight against bullying.  Compassion Brands have one major goal...well several specific goals all rolled into one (their brand and products).  That is to enlighten, educate, embrace, engage, and empower our global community.  So in order to do that they bring awareness and support to charitable causes through positive messaging in fashion. 

I love expressing myself and my beliefs through fashion so when I received a bracelet from their Anti Bully campaign line, I was so proud to wear it.

Bullying is a huge problem today.  People get bullied for all kinds of reasons from the color of their skin, to the gender of the person they love, and even just for the way they are shaped.  The problem is not the people being bullied...the problem is the bullies themselves because there is an obvious reason why they feel the need to bully other people.   A bully treats others bad because they don't like their own self.   They just have to take it out on someone else.  
If you are SO BOTHERED by an overweight person sitting next to you that you have to berate them and say mean things... is it really because they are overweight?  Or is it because you aren't tolerant of others because you aren't tolerant of yourself.
Bullying is so dangerous as it can really tear a person apart inside and it has even led to individuals trying to hurt themselves or take their own life.  
Just like the Dalai Lama has reinforced many times, we need to spread kindness to others and kindness will come back around.  

When I put on my bracelet, not only do I love the gorgeous two toned look and feel of it, but I love the LOVE logo!   I am so proud to explain what it means when people ask me. 

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. Wow! What a beautiful message on a bracelet, I would love to buy it and spread the love around. I never have tolerated bullying and have defended countless people that couldn't defend themselves throughout my high school years. I like your explanation on the cause of bullying, spot on, what a nice psychoanalysis.



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