Carrots + Pumpkins + Chihuahuas, Oh My!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

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My girls (and boy) are such a blessing in my life, but with 4 dogs there can be a plethora of issues here and there at any given moment.   One of them is digestion issues, or someone getting, er, backed up.   Pixie tends to be more at risk for that for some reason, so whenever she has issues, I pull out the pumpkin. 

Pumpkin (both with humans and dogs) does a great job of equaling you out.  If you're backed up it gets you moving and if you're moving too much it gets you regulated.  

And carrots are a big hit as a snack for my pups so when I saw that had a soft snack available with carrots AND pumpkin I was thrilled!   Since chihuahuas have tiny teeth it's always a good idea to not give them rock hard treats especially as they get older. 

Old Mother Hubbard makes Natural Moist Dog Snacks in several different flavors.  They are called Soft Bakes and they are great for tearing into smaller pieces and using as a training reward.   Not only are these made in the USA but they are all natural.  The aroma is amazing and definitely made all their ears perk up! has once again impressed me with more healthy products for my fur babies!

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  1. this is such a fun post! i have been wanting a dog so bad!


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