Because I'm Obsessed with Anything Chihuahua-Themed + A Giveaway

Monday, March 3, 2014

If you haven't noticed by now, I love anything chihuahua; blankets, pillows, figurines, clothing, stickers, and jewelry.   But I'm even more giddy now that I have this adorable Chihuahua pillow on my bed!

It's from iLeesh which is a website that not only offers breed-themed items and decor but actual pet supplies like leashes.   Since we should all be proud of the breeds we own, iLeesh gives us a chance to rep the breed on the leashes and gift items like shirts, pillows, and air freshners.   It's a great gift idea for dog lovers!   And iLeesh is part of the ASPCA Guardians program which supports animal shelters! 

I just love this pillow.  It's actually super soft and comfortable and it makes me smile every time I look at it!  Plus, it's made from 100% polyester and the whole cover is removable and washable.  It's made in the USA and measures 15" x 15".  So obviously it's really easy to keep clean especially in a house full of dog fur!

So now for the giveaway.... one of you will win a pillow of your choice from iLeesh! You can choose from all of the breeds on this page or just get the generic I love my dog one!

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  1. The yorkie pillow is my favorite! You know anything yorkie is ALL me!!

  2. We have two Chihuahuas in our family! This is so cute!

  3. I would love the chihuahua pillow you know that!

  4. These are so adorable I would love the rescue dog pillow. We have four dogs all rescue babies.

  5. would love the chihuahua pillow for my daughter-in-law who has one of these dos

  6. i Love My Russell terrier T-Shirt for my niece. I'm a cat girl, but my cat is rescued. Wish they had a shirt or pillow for that.

  7. I love the I Love My Golden Retreiver T-Shirt

  8. i love the dog retractable leash i would get the yorkie one because i have my yorkie and he would so love it during his walks

  9. I love the i Love My Chihuahua T-Shirt


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