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Friday, March 28, 2014

Her Philly is a lifestyle blog for young women dining, shopping, playing & living in the city of Philadelphia. I started my blog when I moved to the city after graduating college and was looking for a Philadelphia guide for women my age. I wanted a place that gave realistic advice for practical & affordable things to do as a 20 something in our amazing city. Her Philly covers everything from the new spot to get your hair done, fun food festivals, great first date ideas and more. If you are new to the city of Philadelphia, stopping by for a visit, or even a long time resident looking to get out of a routine, don’t fear! Let my blog be your guide for fun in Philadelphia.

5 Things About Myself
1. My family & I are very close. My parents live at the Jersey Shore (think surfers, not guidos), so I try and go home as much as possible to get some color on my translucent skin tone. 
2.I love make-up (especially bright lip color). Before I discovered blogs, I watched YouTube beauty guru tutorials & hauls daily. 
3. I have a long commute, so I am obsessed with Audible. I just finished Silver Linings Playbook and I'm "reading" Water For Elephants now.
4. My favorite artist is Kurt Halsey. I have his sketches all over my apartment. 
5. I have a serious addiction to pizza. One of my favorite apps is the Pizza Compass - and yes, it is exactly what you think it is.

Two of My Favorite Posts are:
Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia {Everything You Need To Know} - Every year, Philadelphia (and over a dozen cities around the world) hosts a pop-up, all white picnic called Diner en Blanc. The event has a lot of rules your must follow to attend, so, as a first time guest myself, I interviewed the co-host and answered everything you need to know about DEB.

The 10 Hottest Men Wearing Philadelphia Jerseys Right Now - Being young & single, I am a big fan of all of the professional athletes in our city. I ranked my ten favorite men currently playing a sport in Philly, and even got my blog read to my #1 pick live on the air from 92.5 XTU

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