3 Ways to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Spring

Monday, March 17, 2014

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The clocks are changed, the weather is warming up, and Spring is right around the corner.     It's not hard to get your wardrobe ready for this new season as long as you take these 3 easy steps. 

1.  Purge Your Closet

I am a stickler for purging a closet and for good reason!  You will be able to make more room for new items and you can discover what old pieces you need to replace especially if they are worn out or don't fit anymore.  

But "What can I do with my old tshirts?" you may ask. So here is my official answer... Make them into a quilt!   You can send your tshirts into Campus Quilt and they'll make them into a gorgeous blanket for you to use as room decor or for actually keeping yourself cozy and snug! 

2. Choose Decor that Doubles as Storage

I love stylish storage solutions!  Put your makeup brushes or jewelry in decorative jars like I do! Oh and mine happen to be made in the USA!  

Monica from Jars by Monica makes the most precious jars that you can even custom order and she offers such great prices on them! 

Seriously these are a great way to make organizing more fun! 

3.  Invest in Shoe Liners

Not only will shoe liners like the ones I use from SummerSox protect your shoes from sweat and dirt, but they can be reused so they actually help you save money.   

I wear my Sperrys a lot and I won't dare leave the house without a pair of SummerSox inside! 

It's a good idea to do this to all of your shoes BEFORE you start wearing them this Spring!

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  1. teehee thanks girl :)

    I'm actually making some for myself (FINALLY!). I will be organizing my makeup brushes.


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