5 Ways to Realistically Adopt Minimalism into Everyday Life

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

 When I first started practicing minimalism, I realized that there are people who extreme minimalists, and some that are more casual about it.  The key is to incorporate minimalism however you see fit into your current lifestyle.  

 An example of this is the fact that I like blogging about fashion and doing outfit posts so getting rid of all my clothing wouldn’t really make sense.     Another thing is how I have an addiction to handbags (okay not really an addiction!) so I like to own a good selection of them.  

So here are some ways you can realistically adopt minimalism into your everyday life without having to sacrifice things that may make your life difficult without them.  I know that seems to go against what minimalism is… but I said adopt… not totally change over to full blown minimalism!

1. Enforce the One In/One Out Rule in Your Wardrobe
I know it can be tempting to go on a shopping spree from time to time but once you make a rule that you can’t add something to your closet, without purging one item, you will think twice about silly purchases.    This works very well for me especially because I’m low on hangers and I have a small closet so I literally do have to get rid of an item if I get a new one.
2. Opt for Quality Over Quantity

If you like shoes, it’s okay if that’s your main “thing” that you have a large quantity of, just be reasonable about it.  Instead of having 50 handbags (25 cheap 25 nice), opt for only high quality bags so that you can be proud of your selection and you don’t have “junky” ones just taking up space.  

3. Routinely Purge Your Home
Every 3-6 months go through closets, drawers, storage areas, and bins to purge anything you don’t use or need.   You may think there’s no point since you just did it a few months ago, but trust me…that little souvenir shot glass you have held onto forever that sits in a drawer may just get the boot this time around.  Routinely purging the same areas gives your mind the proof that you really DON’T need everything you thought you did the last time around. 

4. Keep Surfaces Clear
You really don't need 10 decorative vases on the mantle now do you?   Think of all the dusting you have to do and how you have to rearrange everything.  If you keep the surfaces around your home clear, with MINIMAL decorations, you'll have less to clean, more time, and a happier home.

5.  Gift Things You Don't Use or Open

If you have numerous items that you've never used or even taken out of the original packaging, put them all in a box and make it your designated GIFT BOX.  I blogged about this before as a way to save money at Christmas.  Anytime you need gifts for a holiday or any other occassion, shop this box first to save money by giving away something you already own. 

Do you try any of these tips already? How does it work for you?

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  1. Excellent tips! I recently started using the quality over quantity rule :) Thank you for sharing!


  2. Ooh, I really like the idea of having a gift box. I think I would feel much better about giving some of the nicer things I own but don't use to a friend. Good tip!

  3. Hi Ellen! I'm definitely implementing these steps. Not there, but seeing the benefits of purging and only keeping those things you love and use. I'm glad that we're connecting!

    1. keep at it! you will see the benefits even more soon enough :)


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