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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Before I tell you why I am wearing pink, I wanted to share 10 Facts About Breast Cancer with you thanks to C4 Belts!

Now, with all that being said, it's super important to check yourself on a regular basis with a Breast Self Exam.   

Now, how does all of this tie into fashion? Well....

C4 Belts, whose mission is to promote individuality through belts that give back, has a little system where you choose a color and you choose a cause.   You get to choose from their charities to pick the one you like best and determine how C4 Belt's gives back 10% of your online purchase. 

So you can express yourself and support a cause.  Every time someone asks about your belt, you can explain what it means and how they can support the cause as well. 
So easy to add a pop of color to jeans and a white tee. 

For Breast Cancer Awareness C4 has a beautiful pink belt.  Inside of the case you'll find a card with the 10 Facts About Breast Cancer as well as a Breast Self Exam card. 

Right now you can use the code CARE4BOOBIES and get $5 off and donate $5 with every purchase to Stand Up For The Cure! When you get your new C4 belt, post a selfie with it and tag @c4belts and @Standupforthecure and use the hashtag #care4boobies to donate an additional $5!

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  1. I love companies that give back money to a great cause.

    I'm host BBCA(blogging for breast cancer awareness) Feel free to come by and link this post up.

  2. Red is my favorite color i like very much this fashion belt...
    nipple clamps


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