3 Ways to Stay Organized On The Go + A Giveaway

Thursday, October 23, 2014

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While I don't take many big vacations, I am always out and about running errands or going on day trips.  Sometimes it's for work and other times it's for fun.  Either way, organization is  key to having a smooth trip. 

Here are 3 ways I stay organized on the go!

1. An Organized Bag

This is the Portagio Smart Satchel. I love this bag! It is so lightweight and very comfortable to carry.  There are 5 pockets on the outside for things like phones, pads, pens, and sunglasses.   Inside there are 2 compartments.   There are also 7 card sleeves so you don't need a wallet.  

I love the electronic tablet pouch.  It's perfect for my ipad mini and it protects it from getting scratched. And if you don't want to use the shoulder straps you can remove them and use the Smart Satchel from a shoulder bag to a handbag.  The nylon trim and full grain leather gives this bag a stylish look that's still very functional. 

Portagio Bags is a great line of bags for organizing your life especially when you are on the go.

Look at all those card slots!   I still need to pick the cards I want to store there. There is no need for a wallet if you have one of these bags! The card slots will hold EVERYTHING!

2. An Organized Car

See this little gem?
This awesome thing is the High Road GearNormous Trunk and Cargo Organizer from High Road Organizers. It has so much room inside! 
It expands, obviously, and you can put all your cargo in it! I used to have everything loose in my trunk and it would slide everywhere and then when I would need to put groceries in my trunk, there was no smooth clear area to sit them down at!
You can organize tools, groceries, equipment, or sporting goods.  There are 3 divided compartments and 3 zippered side pockets. In my side pockets I put my flashlights and screw drivers and other tools for emergencies.   In the one compartment I put my cleaning supplies (it's all in that box in case something leaks). And in the other compartment I put the dog car seats.   I also used the 3rd compartment for my ice scraper.  Everything is protected with the interior padding.  This folds to a flat and compact 10x15" for convenient storage.  

Seriosly I love the fact that everything is open now.  I have my organizer, the main dog carseat, and my fabric floormats. I keep these handy because I often switch the rubber backed mats that are currently down, for these.  I like to have options, I guess.

3. Be Prepared and Safe

When I say prepared and safe I mean don't be a hot mess! In order for me to be sane when on a road trip, I need to have everything right near me but not falling all over the place. When I use my radar detector (keeps me in check with my speed) or even have my cell phone out for the GPS, I like to set it on my dash. Normally it slides all over the place which is super dangerous and can cause an accident but now I use the High Road Super Grip Dash Pad Sticky Pad from High Road Organizers. 

There's no hastle of installation because this just sticks onto your dash by clinging (no sticky tape or adhesive to ruin your car interior) and when you're done you can take it off and pt it away.  It's washable and reusable. I love it! It's really made my road trips safer!
And one lucky winner will get all the items above for themself!

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  1. Such great tips! Thank you!

    - Deniz

  2. I love the High Road Kids Large Food'nFun™ Seat Organizer and the Blue Nylon and Leather Large Together Tote. These two items would keep my vehicle quite organized.

  3. I'd like to keep my items in the High Road Patterned Back Seat Organizer and the remainder of my stuff in the Bronze Smart Satchel Nylon and Leather Hand and Shoulder Bag.

  4. I loved the Eggplant Smart Satchel Nylon and Leather Hand and Shoulder Bag from Portagio Bags and holy moly I could use a High Road Compact SwingAway Car Seat Organizer for my passenger seat from High Road!! Great post!

  5. I have one of those car organizer and love it .

  6. I think all the bags at Portagio are great, but I really love the Coral Pink Nylon and Leather Large Together Tote. At High Road Organizers I am liking the High Road Cool'nRide Cargo Organizer with Insulated Storage. Thank you.

  7. From Portagio Bags Eggplant Nylon I like the Leather Classic Crossbody Shoulder Bag and from High Road Organizers I like the High Road Dogs Wag'nPack™ Seatback Organizer.

  8. I like the Eggplant Nylon and Leather Classic Crossbody Shoulder Bag and the High Road Kids Large Food'nFun™ Seat Organizer.


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