3 Ways I'm Taking Care of ME Lately

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Now that I'm settled into our new home for good I've shifted my focus back to ME and taking care of all the parts of my life that keep me happy and healthy. Let's take a look.

|1| My Gut
No but seriously..... I've suffered from bloating issues for a while now so I finally got to try something that actually worked. It's called Atrantil.  I take 2 capsules 3 times a day about a half hour before I eat a meal.  No more bloating or abdominal discomfort.   This is especially helpful at work. I used to be miserable after lunch!   Bloating comes from bacteria that start to grow in the small bowel...where it shouldn't grow!  Then the bacteria breaks down the food you eat and gas is produced which not only is embarassing but it's painful.  This isn't a probiotic, it's just a way to treat bloating at the source. Basically what it does with it's active ingredients is they calm your small bowel, soak up hydrogen and weaken the bacteria, and stop methane (gas) production.   I can't tell you how grateful I am for this product!

|2| Pampering My Body
Seriously every girl needs to feel good with what is on and under her clothing so why skimp in the panty department. There's a super fun way to spoil yourself too! Haute Hips is a subscription box for women of any shape and size (small - 4XL) where you get 2 styles of panties each month from great brands.  The styles of panties can be thong, bikini, hipster, briefs, or cheekies.  It's a great gift for any lady especially your bridal party.    You can also purchase previous boxes without a subscription on their website Panty Perk. I love the 2 styles I got. They make me feel super sexy and confident when I wear them.   Confidence and feeling good about yourself starts from inside...but as it works it's way out make sure you embrace it...even in the panty department

|3| Tracking My Health
Health and Fitness trackers are all the rage lately and Zensorium has a few to choose from.  One of those is Tinke.  How cute is this little thing?  

Tinke works with both Android and iPhone.   It's the only tracker that measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturdayion, and heart rate variability.  It can determine your fitness and stress indices.  

It plugs in easily to my iPhone.

And has an awesome little sleeve for my finger.  You can send your measurements to your coach or trainer if need be or you can just monitor your chart yourself.  You can even log personal notes about your results and you can share the results with friends and family within the Tinke network or on social media.   Tinke even rewards you with little badges and points when you consistently monitor your fitness and wellness.  This is a great way to keep me motivated and it has worked so far! I love how quick it works...just 30 seconds!   Tinke even has a 60 seconds breathing exercise to practice mindful breathing and even lets you know what level of relaxation you are at.  I love my Tinke! I'm so glad I have it to keep myself in check.  It also forces me to try to stay relaxed more often and not let myself get stressed and worked up over something trivial. 

There's actually something else I wanted to share - my skin is SOOOOO friggin dry this time of year but I got a sample of Curel Itch Defense from Influenster and WOW it makes a huge difference. No more itchy patches of skin and it soaks right in to my skin!!

What are you doing lately for your wellbeing?


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