Fall is Here! + Fav Fall Accessories

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Fall is here in full effect. I love wearing cardigans and boots and skinny jeans. 

Speaking of skinny jeans - UM these are literally my favorite! They are from Lee Jeans and they are the Curvy Fit Modern Series Skinny Leg jeans.  I actually bought 2 more pairs because that's how much I love them! They have a no gap waistband which is a miracle. For once I can bend over without my pants revealing too much!   They are so comfortable and a perfect fit.  They even do a great job of holding everything together in my waist if you know what I mean!

My hair extensions are fabulous and I'll get into them below.

The cardigan is from Target. I love this color for the Fall!

So let's talk about this bag. Olivia + Joy handbags have always been a favorite of mine. They are fashionable, functional, and lightweight.   I love that I can have a decorative embellished bag without adding 5 pounds of weight to what I already lug around on a daily basis.   

This is the Cecelia Tote.   It is nice and spacious without being too bulky. There are plenty of exterior zip pockets for things I need to get access too quickly like my work ID badge, keys, etc.

Inside all of my items fit perfectly and the handle drop is the perfect size.   This is my new go to bag for Fall...and probably all the other seasons as well!

Now let's talk about another amazing accessory of mine. For as long as I can remember I've worn clip in hair extensions. It's an amazing alternative to expensive salon extensions and let me tell you my confidence level is so high whenever I have them in and I can show off long beautiful locks!

These are my 16 inch medium brown extensions from Irresistible Me Hair Extensions. It's 100% Natural Remy Hair and you get free shipping!  These are super silky and soft.  But don't be fooled - they are still durable and won't break off.  It's very easy to blend these with your natural hair.  Royal Remy hair lasts longer than most and it's the closest match you can find to completely unprocessed hair.   I love the volume this gives me. 

You get 8 pieces with the 140 gram set - 1 piece of 4 clips, 3 pieces of 3 clips, 2 pieces of 2 clips, and 2 pieces of 1 clip. 


Honestly, I love my natural hair but there is no way I could ever grow it out this long and have it be as silky and smooth.  That's why Irresistible Me Hair Extensions are my next best option!

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. Love the bag and love the hair. So impossible to get hair that long and look good (at least in my case).

    1. I know. it's super tough! clip in extensions is the way to go for me!

  2. great handbag


  3. Ooh I'm going to have to tell my daughter about those clip in extensions!!
    Ps I think I might have the same boots! 😊

    1. They are amazing! and i love these boots! i love the color and i really struggle to find another pair in this same color. if you do - please let me know :)

  4. So this outfit is pretty much what I have planned for our family photos this weekend! Great minds :) So glad you found me!


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