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Sunday, October 25, 2015

You may have already seen the blog posts I've done about budgeting and finances, including...
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In those posts I refer to my Budget Spreadsheet and Debt Snowball Tracker that I made up in Excel. The Budget Spreadsheet is the way I see all of my income and where it all goes. I can play around with the amounts to see what I'd need to adjust for a more balanced budget. I use this Budget Spreadsheet every couple of weeks and make adjustments all the time as bills go up or down and my paycheck increases.

The Debt Snowball Tracker was a great way to keep me motivated on how much debt I needed to pay down to be DEBT FREE! I'm debt free now so I am proof that it IS possible. I even filled out my spreadsheet for months in advance and altered the numbers to see how soon I'd be out of debt if I paid a certain amount each month.

Well I have great news!

  You can get these spreadsheets for free here.

And did you know I wrote a book?

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  1. I made similar spreadsheet like these one.


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