How to Settle into A New Home Quickly

Monday, October 26, 2015

We moved into our new home back in June.  It was great and one thing everyone says when they came over after the first month was "Wow, you are so settled in, it's as if you have been living here for years!".  That's because we did several things to make the moving in process go smoothly.

|The Packing and Moving Process|
Make sure you are organized.  Make lists of everything in each box, pack the like items together, and label every box by room and then priority.  I used little cards I found at the dollar store to keep track of everything.   I prioritized things like bathroom boxes, daily beauty routing things, and I pushed cookware and DVDs to the back.   If you have belongings that are too difficult or expensive to move safely straight away, you can always put them into storage units to be collected later. This can prove to be a whole lot more convenient and can lift a weight from your shoulders!

Plan how you want your rooms set up.  I made my own little blueprint so I knew what furniture would fit where.  The day of the move, it was super easy to put stuff in place.   I even had planned out what would be in each storage closet!  I also had a picture of the kitchen and I drew little lines from each drawer and decided what would go in each drawer and cupboard. Do you realize how easy this makes it?   I don't have to worry about having to redo something someday because it doesn't make sense. I ensured that it made sense BEFORE we even started.

|Do It All at Once|
Don't spread it out over months.  Take a week off work if you have to.  Plan what you are unpacking on what days and if you are ahead of schedule go ahead and work on the next day's items. It might be exhausting to think of but trust me it gets you on a roll the more progress you make.  Go a room at a time and only stop for bathroom breaks, meals, and keep a water bottle with you at all times.  I even turned my cell phone off so people wouldn't interrupt me. 

|Decorate Last|
Since most people don't know how to decorate as they unpack, just pack all decor items in the same box or boxes and then after everything else is unpacked, go ahead and arrange decor items.  I found this was easy for me because I could see my home as a blank canvas and I could just get to work.  

Once you are all settled you may notice something doesn't make sense.    Since everything is put away and placed where it should be, you will be able to see what extra space you have or what can be moved.  It's okay to have to rearrange a few times till you get it just right. Even though I do suggest making sure your kitchen is set up exactly how you want it as you move stuff in and unpack because it's a huge hassle to have to rearrange drawers and cupboards after the fact.

Think of every single little item you may need in a new house especially if it's your first time having your own place.  Bandaids, light bulbs, batteries, super glue, sponges, herbs and spices, etc.  These are all convenience things that suck to have to run out and by from the store last minute when you really need them the most.  Make a huge list and start shopping in the weeks before your move or shop during the first week that you live in your new place.  

Have any of these tips worked for you?

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  1. This all amazing, I will seriously be returning to this when we move! <3 I think the shopping spree will be my fav thing haha

    Xo Chelsea

    1. omg the shopping spree is so amazing!! its like the best feeling bc ur like "i'm totally justified spending all this money because i really do need this things " haha

  2. I love planning for the home. Looks like I will follow these steps if ever we move in the future. :)

  3. Ohhhh this is so enlightening..... Looking at it from this perspective sure does make it seem easy.... Will surely be implementing this when i move houses :) Hugs XX

  4. If you are self-packing, use high quality packing materials, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and packing boxes (not newspaper). Remember a little time and care spent packing your items now could save you from unnecessary expense and heartache at the other end of your journey.


  5. Balance unpacking with unwinding. You probably didn't pack up your entire house in one day, so pace yourself when it comes to unpacking and organising your home.



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