Tips for A Perfect Entryway

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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The entryway is the first thing a person sees when they enter your home.  Even if you have a house like ours where the living room starts immediately when you walk in the door, there's still a space I consider an entryway.  So to give it the best visual appeal and keep it functional here are some tips to get a perfect entryway.

A small stylish lamp is practical and adds a personal touch to any entryway.  Since we don't have an overhead light (you may have one though) we got a little mini bookshelf table to use in our entryway which is where our lamp sits.

I keep a little porcelain bowl on the top of our table in the entryway where I stash Rocky's leash and his doggie bags for when I take him outside. There's not enough space to keep mail and random items on this table so it eliminates the possibility for clutter. The bottom part is perfect for shoes if my guests choose to take them off or if they would like to place their handbag in there.

If you have a smaller entryway like us, it's a great idea to keep the decor minimalistic. I was stuck for months on what to put here.   If you read my blog already you may remember my awesome porch rugs from Fab Habitat.  Well they now have wall art on their website so I fell in love with the Soaring Seagulls. I love that they are 3D and stick out just a bit. They add such a classy touch.  

Don't cheap out and make a hasty decision with your entryway decor. Remember it's the first thing people see so it can set the mood for your entire home!

What do you like most about YOUR entryway?

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  1. Wow I love that seagull decor! Almost abstract but I immediately knew what it was ;)

    1. I know! That's why i love it so much because it's got a nice artsy look but it's still practical and easy to figure out what it is!

  2. YES to a lamp! I also have a mirror over the table in my entryway for last minute checks before leaving ;)

    1. AMEN to that. we do want to get some sort of mirror there as well! it also helps brighten up any room i think!

  3. I love those seagulls!! My father in law has something similar in his office and it is by far my favorite decoration that he has!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. there;s just something about them!!! i was in love the second i saw them! i just had to have this on my wall!

  4. Your wall art is great. I love the seagulls and how they stick out slightly. I have a large entryway so I have a really nice area rug right when you walk in and then a painted chest with drawers. I didn't put a lamp on the table since I have a small chandelier with crystal hanging over the area rug. I did however put some nice candle stick holders on top of the chest of drawers with a painting hanging above the chest. I do love all your ideas and I love how your entry way turned out. Thanks for sharing this with us.


    1. Aw thanks girl!!! ooooh i love painted chests ! That's awesome! ANd im jealous of your crystal chandelier!


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