5 Safety Tips for Pets on Trick or Treat Night

Friday, October 23, 2015

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It's always stressful for dogs on Trick or Treat night so here are a couple tips for their safety and everyone else's.

1. Keep Them Secure and Busy 
The last thing you want is a dog that runs out the door when you open it to greet Trick or Treaters so make sure your dog is either closed off in a bedroom, in a crate, or you have a dog gate up preventing them from coming anywhere near the front door. Keep them occupied with some Natural Balance Dental Chews from Chewy!
2. Collars and ID On
Just in case something happens and your dog is able to slip out, you always want to be able to get them back quickly and anyone who finds them will need to see some ID so make sure no matter where your dog is, even locked away in a bedroom, you keep their collar and tags on them even just for that night.

3. Reward them for Good Behavior
If you find a lull in Trick or Treaters take a few minutes to reward your dog for having to wait for the night to end before going about their normal business.  I like simple Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin Oven Baked Dog Treats from Chewy to reward mine.

4. Prevent Anxiety-Inducers
If you know your dog gets super crazed when someone comes over or is at the door, don't make it worse for him.  Instead, grab a seat on your porch to great Trick or Treaters or keep an eye on the door so that you can open it and greet them without them having to ring the bell.

5. Keep Candy Away
Candy and the wrappers it comes in can be fatal to your pet so make sure any candy is secured up high and away from the reach of your dog!

What do you do on Trick or Treat night to keep your pet safe?

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