A Green Home Makeover + A Giveaway

Monday, October 5, 2015

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I love the color scheme of the inside of our house. It's mostly browns and blues but I love the relaxing sense I get from any kind of green so I wanted to add some decorative touches throughout the house.   It was actually pretty easy.

These fun gems are from Hang Collections, where you get to pick out a set and then choose from a handful of different options to arrange them when you hang. Part of the fun with decorating is figuring out how to arrange stuff so this made it even more fun with even more options.  The instructions made it pretty easy to follow step by step for every single suggested arrangement.   They even gave you measuring tape and the hardware you need.   After rearranging a bit, I decided that we had the perfect setup for the blank wall in our office. The office is where I sit to do some blogging after work and I sometimes spin around in my chair and stare at the wall when I'm having writer's block. Now I get to stare at this totally zen set of canvas art.

This was the arrangement we chose. There's a sale going on right now over at Hang Collections - $99 + $119 and there's free shipping.   There are plenty of videos on their website to help you hang your quad pack and there are 12 collections to choose from!

Next, I got some succulents from The Succulent Source. The Succulent Source is a family owned business from California that specializes in Wedding Succulents, which by the way are a brilliant idea.  

They sent me some gorgeous little succulents and I went to the Dollar Tree and got some pots for them.  

Succulents are so modern looking versus your typical houseplant so I was excited to spice up different rooms in the house with them.

I arranged several in a tray for the kitchen counter.

I love how they look on our living room table too!

And I even added some to the reading nook in the office.

And one of you will get a collection of your choice from Hang Collections! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Love the pops of green. And I have been wanting to get some succulents.

    1. It really does make a nice little difference around the home!


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