Kitchen Hacks (You Need Them!) + A Giveaway

Monday, October 12, 2015

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If you've been following me on social media lately you see that I'm enjoying making my own meals at home now for dinner.   But trust me that isn't easy.   I've sliced myself 2 times so far, one was really scary because I almost passed out.   There are so many close calls now that it takes the fun out of food prep.   Anyways, here are some kitchen hacks I use to make my life a little bit easier.

1. Pepper Tool

Peppers can be a royal pain to try to core and get the seeds out of.  In fact, that's what caused one of my knife mishaps.   So I got a Pepper Tool from Kitchen IQ.  The Pepper Tool is easy to use by inserting it into the end of the pepper with the stem and turning it 360 degrees.  Then you pull it out to remove the core and seeds. There are 2 different sizes in this tool so you can use the smaller one for jalapenos and the larger one for bell peppers. This saves me sooooo much time (and injury!).

2. Veggie Slicer

Another annoying thing in the kitchen is slicing small veggies.  When I go to slice Cherry Tomatoes they fly all over the place and the juice seriously travels disturbingly far.   So now I use this Veggie Slicer from Kitchen IQ which lets me put the veggies into place by dropping them in the end and then putting my knife in the slot and slicing. I don't even run the risk of chopping my own finger off anymore. Hooray!

3.  Cut Resistant Glove

So there are literally 3 different times I've sliced my hands and fingers in the past 2 months.  I guess I'm just clumsy at times. Maybe I'm just so dang hungry that I rush but now I have this amazing Cut Resistant Glove from Microplane that is machine washable and fits both hands.  It's already saved my finger twice!

4.  Ultra Coarse Grater
Let me tell you that my Ultra Coarse Grater from Microplane has allowed me to do much less cutting myself and it makes meal prep much quicker.

5. Rectangular Step Can
I can't stand touching the trash can when I'm doing food prep so this Simple Human Rectangular Step Can is so fun for me.  It's even got a liner pocket that stores and dispenses liners from inside the can so it goes faster and you don't have to get your hands dirty.  The liner rim grips the liner and keeps it hidden. And there's no inner bucket so there's more space for trash. The pedal is easy to push and has a nice quiet close.

6. Sensor Pump Soap Dispenser
The biggest pet peeve of mine is when I'm working with something icky, sticky, and raw and I go to wash my hands and I have to touch the soap dispenser.  The next time I use it I'm worrying about what I had on my hands when I touched it last.  That's why this Simple Human Sensor Pump Soap Dispenser is a great kitchen hack! It's touch-free (obviously) and it's great for small spaces. The pump quickly dispenses soap in just .2 seconds and it's very easy to refill it! This is a blessing to me! 

7. Kitchen Scale
I can't tell you how great my Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale is! It's so lightweight and easy to store when not in use. It really helps me weigh out ingredients for a recipe. It's great because it has antimicrobial protection that stops the growth of bacteria.  And that protection works for the life of the scale.  I love the touch sensitive buttons and how easy it is to use and to tare something.  The LCD screen has a blue backlight and it's really easy to read.  And you can change the metric system if you'd like.  And it uses 2 Lithium batteries and even provides a low battery and overload indicator.  And if you are forgetful like me that's alright because it automatically turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.   

Now, this may not be something for in the kitchen but let me tell you - after you stand on those feet all evening preparing things in your kitchen your feet need a bit of TLC. 

So I use this gem from Transform Your Soles.It's a Paddle Foot File and it really does a great job of getting rid of the rough callused parts of my feet. The handle is very comfortable to hold and it's easy to use!   

So if you suffer from the same clumsy issues that I do you are in luck because I'm offering the Veggie Slicer and Pepper Tool from KitchenIQ to one lucky winner!

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  1. everyone says, oh, you just need a good knife. i disagree. i love my gadgets!

  2. I could use every single one of these. It looks like I am going to be doing some shopping. Thanks for sharing all these great finds.



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