5 Reasons I Love Mums

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mums are my favorite flower ever.   I am not a big plant person because I tend to kill them without even trying.  I either over water or under water or don't give them enough light,  so the fact that I have any kind of plant that I am claiming I love is a miracle!!!!    There are several reasons I love Mums.

|1| Colors
Mums come in soooo many different colors and they all are Fall friendly colors which is not only my favorite time of year but I love earthy tones!   I love going to pick out Mums and seeing all the color options to choose from. It's so awesome to see people plant all different colors together and how the entire spread looks.

|2| They are Hardy
Mums are a very hardy flower.   They are tough and can withstand heat and cooler temperatures which is why they are great in the Fall and the Summer.  I don't even worry about watering my Mums, I just let the rain handle that. As long as you pinch them in the off seasons they will continue to grow nicely. 

|3| Great Decor
Mums look amazing as a decorative piece in a plantar near your front door alone or you can add them to a pumpkin display. I love Mums as a prop in seasonal photographs.  The colors are perfect for Fall so it's a nice way to get your yard festively decorated in a more discreet manner.

|4| Inexpensive
Mums aren't as expensive as most perrenials and you can often get a deal when you buy several at the same time.  I'm all for cheap flowers especially when it's a flower that comes back every year.   My Grandma even told me that she has literally planted stems from her mums and they ended up getting roots and growing into the ground. I mean, you could basically steal mums from people's yards and start your own! of course I'm not encouraging that haha!

|5| Easy Pruning
It's really easy to pinch off Mums in between blooming seasons and I consider them a very low maintenance flower.  No mess, no fuss, no replanting, no moving inside.

What's your favorite flower?  

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  1. I have to tell you, you are the FIRST person I have ever met, other than me who has mums as their favorite flower! I ADORE them! My mother always said she thinks I adore them because I am born in October and when I was born, she said the hospital room was FULL of mums!! I love them!

    1. Really? i just assumed everyone probably liked them but ur right - i dont see ppl freak out as much as i do haha!!! they really are beautiful!


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