How I Groom My Chihuahuas

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Chihuahuas seem to be low maintenance dogs to most people but just like any pet, you need to care for them even if it means letting a professional do it. When it comes to grooming, bigger breeds often go to the groomer but I like to do everything myself.  So, here is how I groom my babies!

|1| Bi-Weekly Brushing
Even though 3 of my chihuahuas have short hair, they shed like crazy, even more so than Stella (my long hair).  So I take them outside every 2 weeks and I use the Furminator to brush them really well.  The Furminator is amazing and not only gets the loose hair from their undercoat but it literally will give you enough fur to make another dog.  Brushing not only helps my dogs feel better but it keeps my home less furry and I have less vaccuum and dusting upkeep.

|2| Monthly Nail Clippings
This is probably the least fun thing I have to do with my dogs. They really don't like nail clippers (I use kitty nail clipper on them since they are so small) but it needs to be done. I take them outside once a month

|3| Weekly Oral Care
I brush each of my dogs teeth twice a week.  I use a little finger brush and some doggy toothpaste and I do my best to get a glob on the brush and push it around inside their mouths. You don't have to brush the same way you do for people.  As long as the toothpaste is in their mouth it can do it's work.  It's very important to take care of your dog's teeth as oral health is directly connected to heart health.  The thing with chihuahuas is that they are susceptible to both heart and oral problems so this is even more important for someone like me.

|4| Bath Time
For chihuahuas, the majority of grease and oils on their fur comes from humans touching them, but since my pups aren't around a ton of people, I only bathe them once every 2 months.  I use a gentle soap and do one dog at a time.  Sometimes it requires me blow drying them when we're done.   

|5| Trimming
Usually Stella is the only one that needs a trim since she's my long hair pup.  The little tufts of fur in between her paw pads can get really long and then dirt sticks to them and I know it bugs her because I see her licking them.  So once a month I will take some shears and trim those hairs as well as the wisps of hair around her neck and face.  If those get too long they can get matted and it drives her (and me) nuts. 

It's important to remember to reward your dog anytime you (or a professional) grooms it.  I like to use Blue Buffalo Savory Sizzlers from Chewy. They really give my dogs a nice treat they can chew up for a few minutes.  It's a great way to let them know they did a great job putting up with the poking, prodding, snipping, and clipping.

Do you groom your dog or do you leave it to a professional?

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