Negativity + How It Affects You

Friday, January 29, 2016

There's something that needs to be addressed in everyone's life.  It's more of an ongoing thing beacuse it's always out there but the way we let it affect ourselves and our lives is crucial.   I'm talking about negativity. 

Negativity is an icky negative energy that comes out in a person's attitude, actions, words, or thoughts.  You may not think this post applies to you and maybe it doesn't...but maybe it does!   It's important to be self aware of how we come off to other people.  If you have a negative energy and you vent about something to someone, that negative energy can be absorbed by them (unless they are great at not letting it affect them).  

 There are many ways to be negative:
[ ] How you let things affect you - When you get cut off on traffic do you get over it in a minute or do you stew about it for an hour, and then tell your coworkers about how pissed off it made you?
[ ] How you talk to those around you - Are you constantly complaining or pointing out negative things?
[ ] How you respond to things around you - If someone is having a bad day, do you let it bother you personally? 

Negativity affects us on many levels - physically, mentally, and emotionally- and it shows it's ugly face in several ways:
[ ] Physically - people that hold on to negativity tend to have a cold look on their face, tend to get more wrinkles, and tend to be more tense.  They also can have an unhealthy weight or physical ailments because "everything just seems to go wrong" for them.
[ ] Emotionally - When a person is overcome with negative energy it's all they can do .  Think negative, speak negative, and feel negative. 
[ ] Mentally - When the brain is used to negative thoughts it becomes easier to think negatively instead of positively. 

So what can you do?  Well...
[ ] Don't let other people's "stuff" get you so worked up.  Who cares if you have a coworker that dresses funny.  Is it personally ruining your day? Well, it shouldn't be. 
[ ] Don't complain about every little thing in your life.  If you forgot to run an errand, gained a pound, or didn't sleep well you don't need to rehash it with a friend or coworker.  All it does is make them annoyed and it's kind of foolish. You never know what someone else is dealing with so ask yourself if your complaint is even worth saying out loud.  If it's not, let it go!
[ ] Take action. If you really can't stand something, fix it.  Address the issue with the person that bothers you, change your habits so you are on time instead of constantly late and in a rush.


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  1. I have to work on not let the thing people say affect me.

  2. Amazing advice. Negative energy is something I do my best to avoid others coming into contact while around me. Unless I'm feeding it to them for principle, he he. I agree with the physical appearance showing ones mental and emotional health.

    - Harlynn

    1. Yes it's sooooo true tho !!! im glad someone else handles it like i do :)


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