5 Cold Weather Outfit Ideas

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut where we can't figure out what to wear. Often times, I can't even put an outfit together.  So in case that happens to you, here are a few cold weather outfit ideas that I've worn before.  I hope they inspire you. 

[1] Jeans/Boots/Blouse/Jacket
This is a nice layered look for a more casual affair. Just wear a simple loose fitting blouse with a beige or brown jacket over top and some beige or brown boots. 

[2] Dark Jeans/ Dress Blouse/Cami/Jacket
I used the same jacket in this outfit but I dressed it up a bit more with dark wash jeans and I added an extra layer for warmth.  A solid white cami looks great under a dress blouse that you leave unbuttoned (or you can button it up!).

[3] Booties/Leather Jacket/Blanket Scarf/Neutral Pants
A simple cami under a leather jacket with a blanket scarf, neutral pants, and black booties makes a great look anytime you will be outdoors perhaps shopping in the city. 


[4] Poncho/Jeans/Boots/Cami
A solid color cami matched with a color from a poncho looks amazing with jeans and a simple pair of boots.  It's comfy, cozy, and keeps you warm. 

[5] Sweater/Black Jeans/ Leopard Boots
Every girl needs a pair of leopard boots as statement, trust me! So pair those (or if you don't have leopard boots use a leopard scarf) with black denim and a grey sweater.  


Hopefully these have given you some ideas of stuff to put together from your own closet! 

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  1. Thanks for the winter style inspiration.



  2. OK, those leopard boots are amazing!! What a find! :)



  3. These are all great outfit for the winter.


  4. OMG those leopard boots!!!!!!!!! May I please have them? :)

  5. Love #2 and especially #3. Blanket scarves really hold in the heat. xo

  6. So cute! Your weather must be somewhat similar to ours...cold but not too cold. :)

    1. yea this weather has been different this year. its a lot less cold than normal. but then when it gets cold its frigid lol

  7. Nice outfits!!



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