Spark Joy by Marie Kondo [[An Honest Review]]

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Since so many people that read this blog have enjoyed my posts about the Konmari Method of tidying and asked about the second book by Marie Kondo, I figured I'd post a review about it. 

Spark Joy is the second book by Marie Kondo and is a follow up to the original book "The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up".  I'm assuming you've read her first book so I won't really recap it because you shouldn't be reading the second without reading the first and you certainly shouldn't be Konmari-ing if you haven't read the first book!  Trust me when I say that the way the book has you do everything is the BEST way. 

Anyways, I really loved Spark Joy more so than the first book by Marie.   Spark Joy is the ideal follow up to the first book.   I feel like Marie somehow saw everyone's questions about the first one and answered them all in this one.  The entire first 2/3rds of the book are easy to read because she includes picture diagrams on how to fold and organize things. 

Spark Joy further explains how to tackle every category to find what sparks joy and even explains the number one question - what if an item isn't necessarily joyful but is necessary to keep and use?  

I absolutely loved the folding instructions for clothing that were broken down by specific category - from underwear to jeans!   I actually went through all of my clothing again and refolded everything the proper way.  It's now second nature.  

Marie Kondo also goes into more detail about the different categories of Komono (items besides clothing, books, and papers) and also includes information about Konmari-ing with a kid.   The last sections of the book cover how to live life post-Konmari. 

I tend to be someone that skims over unneccessary chapters in a book and while I almost skimmed some chapters in the first book (the ones about her personal life) I found that there was much less of that in Spark Joy and only at the end did she really explain anything about her own life. 

So my rating - 5 Stars!!!!   And let it be known that you will be SUPER MOTIVATED after you finish this book. 

If you haven't read either book - buy both and read them back to back.

If you've read the first one  and Konmari'd already - buy the second one, read it, and watch how it makes you go back to a few categories on your own.

If you've read the first one but haven't Konmari'd yet - buy and read the second one ASAP before starting!

This book made me redo everything but it only took 2 days since I actually did a great job the first time around.  And now, I am sharing photos of my entire home and life with every aspect that was touched by Konmari magic.  You can find the photos on my Instagram, Twitter,  and my Facebook! Eventually I'll upload them all to a blog post tour as well.  

Have any of you read this book? What did you think?

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  1. so going have to get this book.


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