My Life A Year After KonMari

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So if you haven't heard about the KonMari Method than you need to read these posts and buy the book. Or just do some googling.  But basically it's a method developed by Marie Kondo to tidy your life and home and keep ONLY what brings you joy.

It's been a year since I completed this method and once you complete it you never have to go through it again in it's entirety.  As long as you maintain that lifestyle you are golden.  So here is how my life is post KonMari.

|Less Clutter|
When I walk into my house at the end of a long day of work, I see nothing but open spaces, clear surfaces, and a neat and tidy home. It makes me SO happy and I never feel stressed. Just looking at a cluttered corner can induce a stressful vibe for most people so the fact that I don't have to feel that way is very liberating.

|More Money|
I no longer have to worry about spending money I didn't need to spend. I can see everything I own easily, so I no longer accidentally buy duplicates of things.  You'd be surprised how much money you spend on duplicates over the course of a year.

|More Time|
Since I don't have to spend time looking for something (I know exactly where every item I own is), spend time decluttering or organizing, or spend time unloading a cluttered closet just to get to one tiny item, I have more time.  I have to make a small amount of time free each week to vaccuum, clean counters, dust, and do a load of laundry but that's it. 

|More Energy|
I feel energized because I have control of my life, my time, my money, and my posessions.  I don't spend my energy organizing, decluttering, sorting, or searching. 

|My Closet|
You'd think having less clothing means you would have less options on what to wear but not for me.  You see, now that everything I own in my closet is something that I will wear, it's easy for me to grab something and put together an outfit, even if I'm pressed for time.  I have to push less hangers around because I don't have things in my closet that are taking up space and never being worn. 

It's SO easy to have guests over, even for the holidays now.  All I have to do is disinfect the counters/surfaces and vaccum.  No more hiding or trying to sort through random piles.  No more trying to make my house look clean and uncluttered, because it already is!  

|No Falling Behind|
When I'm sick, I barely fall behind in my daily routine. I just clean the house (vaccuum, scrub floors, etc.) once a week so it's not like stuff starts piling up on my to do list if I'm down for the count for a couple days. 

|More Relaxation|
I fill my free time with things that bring me joy so when I'm not doing one of those things (coloring, watching movies, etc.) I can just relax. This helps me be less stressed, less tense, and more in tune with my body and my surroundings. I literally have at least 1/2 an hour each day where I could just lay in silence on the floor if I wanted to.

|Better Shopping Habits|
This is by far the part of my life where I've seen the most changes since I completed the KonMari Method.  I meal plan every week so it's easy to make a list of ingredients I need for the upcoming week, it's easy to open the fridge or cupboard to see if an ingredient is already in there, and it's easy for me to get in and out of the grocery store while sticking to my list and not buying things I don't need.   When I'm at a store, I no longer buy stuff I don't need.  I might see something I love and pick it up and then I ask myself, is this going to spark joy in my home?  If it doesn't have a spot, or likely won't spark more joy than what I already have then I put it back.  I end up window shopping now when I go to stores and not even purchasing a single thing.   When someone shows me something on sale, I don't buy it unless I absolutely need it or it sparks joy.

I highly recommend buying the book I mentioned above, and allowing your life to become completely transformed.

Have you used the KonMari Method? How has it impacted your life since then?

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  1. This could not have come at a more perfect day, I was just googling organizational tips as I noticed our place has way too much stuff. THANK YOU. And your spaces look great, I'm glad to hear it is working so well.

    1. YOu should read the book girl trust me itll change ur life

  2. How do you pack beanies in a drawer?

    1. ok first off i have to laugh because i thought u meant beanie babies and i typed a big response about how i store them in plastic bins. Anyways, for beanies, I actually fold them in half once and then just place them in a drawer!


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