Staying Organized As A Blogger

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

As a blogger, I still have a life outside of my website and posts.  I actually have a full time job, a house, a relationship, pets, a workout routine, and plenty of hobbies.  So because I can't be hyperfocused all the time on my blog, and I'm sure most other bloggers can't, it's important to be as organized as possible so you don't end up stressing out over blog-related issues. 

So here are a few ways to stay organized as you blog. 

1// Create a System for Tracking/Logging Products
If you are a blogger, there will likely be some point where a company offers to send you a product in exchange for a review. This could happen often or just a few times a year.  Either way, it's smart to have some sort of log to use.  For me, I use an Excel spreadsheet I created where I log:
Company Name
Product Sent
Date Received
Scheduled Date for Post
Check Box for once the post is live
Whether or not I'm running a giveaway

This makes it so much easier for me to know what I have received, haven't received, and if a company touches base with me to see if I got something and when I am going to post about it, I can quickly refer to my spreadsheet.  Once an item arrives, I log the date it comes in and then I pull out my post planner and pick a date to post about it.  So as long as I keep doing my usual process I stay on track.

2// Keep an Income/Expense Log
Whether you're making money from a sponsored post or you're buying a new laptop that's more reliable for your constant blogging and photo editing, it's important to track everything.  I keep a paper log of every expense and income for each month.  I also keep everything in an accordian file for tax purposes.

3// Save Receipts
If you buy clothes, gas, a hotel room that has anything to do with a blog related event, post, etc. make sure you save the receipt for your log.  The last thing you want is to be running around like a crazy person, right at tax time, looking for where you stashed your ipad receipt. 

4// Get a Planner
I use a Monthly/Weekly planner to schedule my blog posts.  I used to w

5// Blog in Advance or on A Schedule
I try to sit down once or twice a week and bang out several blog posts all at once.  Some people don't work that way.  For some, they like to do it a day at a time.  Whatever works for you, do it, and stick to that schedule.  If you do want to do things ahead of time try to always have a week or 2 weeks worth of blog posts completely ready to go live on your blog.  Then, God forbid there's a life crisis that happens, your blog will continue to update for a week or so.

6// Schedule Social Shares
I use HootSuite to schedule my Facebook and Twitter shares for each post.  It really saves a lot of time and energy because I don't have to worry about constantly getting on throughout the day and sharing my posts.

7// Take Time to Respond
Make sure you take some time every day or every other day to respond to any blog comments, tweets, Facebook comments, or Instagram interactions.  It's super important to be involved with your audience in order to help your blog grow. 

What do you do as a blogger to keep yourself organized?   

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  1. Great tips for bloggers like me. I will def remember these!


  2. Great tips for a beginner like me! Hopefully one day I'll need to use them :) Thanks for the advice and ideas!

  3. These are great tips, Ellen, thanks so much for you ideas!!

  4. I read this earlier today but couldn't comment until now. These are such amazing tips. I've become so organized since starting my blog not just with my blog but in personal life. I make lists like it's my job haha and crossing things off that lists feels so good.

  5. Ughhhh, i'm such a bad organizer. Now with my own office, I hope to use this advice and apply it to better my blog! Thanks for the help :)


  6. Great tips! So easy to let all of this slip your mind.

  7. This is a great post with great tips! I try to do all of these myself, but it's so easy to forget to do one or two things.. Or just be too lazy like me aha. :o

    Christie's Take on Life. x


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