Dr. Augello's Health + Body Makeover [Bethlehem, Pennsylvania]

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recently I visited a local health and weight loss facility in the Lehigh Valley.  Dr. Augello's Health and Body Makeover program is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and offers a variety of services including:
//Weight Loss Program
//Infrared Sauna
//Body Wraps
//Self Mastery Technology
//Neuropathy Treatment

As soon as I entered Dr. Augello's facility I was greated by some of the most friendly women I've ever met.  Everyone was dressed so professionally and they were so sweet and kind.  I immediately felt comfortable even though I wasn't what to expect.  I was taken to an empty office where I watched an introductory video by Dr. Augello about his weight loss program and some of his other offerings.  After the video was done I got to meet with Dr. Augello himself!  He was very nice and explained the whole program, all the options, and hwo it works. 

So let's take a closer look at what's offered, what I got to look into, and what you can take advantage of. 

//Customized Weight Loss Programs.  So many people jump on the bandwagon of fad diets and unhealthy means to lose weight.  If you aren't doing it the correct way it won't last.  At Dr. Augello's office they use a testing system to determine what's keeping YOU from losing weight.  Then they customize a weight loss program just for you with specifics for your body type and your own goals.  They have different programs like Candida Weight Loss, Hormone Balancing, and Sugar Handling.   With the proper program you can have increased energy, lower cholesterol, better digestion, a clearer head and skin, and obviously lose weight!
//Infrared Sauna. The coolest thing I've seen lately is their Infrared Sauna.  It uses an infrared band of light that your body perceives as heat.  This makes your body expend energy to cool down and produce sweat.  You can sweat 1000 grams or more in one session which is equal to running 6-9 miles.  Obviously you gain some weight back from rehydrating but the sweat helps release built up toxins.  I actually got to try out their Infrared Sauna for 20 minutes. Not only was it super relaxing but it felt great to sweat out my toxins and I felt like a new woman afterwards.

//Body Wraps.  With these body wraps for weight loss you can lose 4" to 14" in an hour.  The wrap process encourages circulatory and lymphatic flow which causes HEALTHY inch loss through internal cleansing.  I can't even begin to describe how amazing this was.  I got a body wrap for about 40 minutes.  It was really comfortable actually.  They put on this cream that smelled amazing and then the girl wrapped me up in medical grade wrap and I got to lay in a recliner.  Then she put on an amazing self mastery program (I'll get to that below) and I basically took a nap for 40 minutes.  My body was so relaxed.  After 40 minutes was up she cut the wrap off. I actually felt firmer in every area I was wrapped. 

//Self Mastery Technology.  The power of the mind, I'm tellin' ya!  Basically you put on these awesome things called ZenFrames that use a synchronized pulse of light and sound to relax you and allow optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus, and memory.  While I was doing my wrap I got to put these on and I fell asleep but as I did I was hearing what the voices in the headphones were saying, basically instilling good healthy habits in my brain.  I'm telling you when I woke up I not only felt energized but I noticed I've been making better choices, some of which I remember hearing in the tape they played. 

//Neuropathy Treatment. This facility has a way to assist people suffering from Neuropathy which is a degenerative condition of the nervous system.  It can be very painful and Dr. Augello's facility  uses innovative treatments to increase circulation and blood flow and accelerate the healing reversal or symptoms.  If you suffer from Neuropathy you should contact his office today to see what they can do for you!

Everyone in the office that day seemed to have nothing but great things to say about the results they had and the lifestyle changes they went through and have adapated to.

If you live anywhere near Bethlehem, whether it's 5 minutes or 2 hours (like I do) I encourage you to make the drive to check them out.  You can call their office at 484-866-0338 to make an appointment or call 1-888-BURNFAT to get more information on the program! You can also visit their website here: http://www.weightloss-lehighvalley.com

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