How to Tidy Your Closet Using the KonMari Method

Monday, January 11, 2016

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If you haven't seen my posts before, I'll briefly explain the KonMari Method.   I've done this twice so far to my closet and it's amazing.  The KonMari Method requires that you keep things that are useful and bring you joy.   It is highly recommended that you read the book but for those of you that refuse to read it or don't have the time - I figured I'd walk you through a way to clean out your closet using parts of the KonMari Method.     

It's very important that if you want to get the full benefit you need to just suck it up and read the book!   I promise you that you will NOT regret it.

The KonMari Method has so many benefits and it focuses on having less while still having things that bring you MORE joy. 

1// Clear Your Schedule 
Make sure you choose a weekend or two straight days that you can dedicate to this process.  

2// Hydrate
Make sure you have plenty of water with you. The process of KonMari really does get intense and the last thing you want is to get annoyed and distracted because you're thirsty.  Make sure you take breaks for meals but also having snacks on hand is not a bad idea at all! 

3// Bags, Boxes, and Space
Make sure you have a supply of large trash bags, boxes (for shoes and purses) and clear space to make piles of your clothing. Have space for several piles: Keep, Donate, Trash, and Hold.  

That's right... take everything you own out of your closet and put it in a huge pile on your bed.  You can do all clothing from your closet, any off season closets, storage bags, storage boxes, and drawers.  Shoes can be done after clothing and same with jewelry and accessories, but you will need to get everything out at once and put it on the floor or on your bed. 

5// Touch Everything and Sort
Pick up each item, one by one, and hold it. Ask yourself if it brings joy.   Does it make you feel and look good when you wear it or even just hold it? If not (you remember how this shirt is too short and you always have to pull it down) then put it in one of the donate or trash piles.  Donate things that are in good condition, trash things that are not worth donating (undies and socks with holes), and if you can't decide because you're stock on something just put it in the hold pile to deal with later. You really have to ask yourself if it makes you happy.   

For multiple items - like 5 plain white t-shirts, ask yourself which ones are your favorite and save those ones.  

For practical things - some items may not necessarily bring you joy - like a torn up pair of jeans that you use for yard work.  Most people assume you are to get rid of those but that's not how the KonMari Method works.  Your home and yard may spark joy, and in order to keep them sparking joy you must do yard work.  So to do yard work, you need the appropriate clothes. That's why it's okay to keep a set of yardwork clothing and shoes.

6// Fold & Hang
Once you have gone through every item you own in that category it is time to put it all away.  It's a great idea to hang as many shirts, dresses, etc. as you can.  If you have dresser drawers there is a special way to fold everything so it's like a rectangle and can stand up vertically in your drawers.  You can read more about that here.   

It's amazing how much easier it is to see what you own and pick through stuff, and even put everything away when your clothing is properly folded or hung. 

At this point you will likely see how much less storage space you need for your clothing, shoes, and bags.  You may not even need a second closet for off season clothing anymore. 

So even though this is a quick guide on how it works, you still should buy and read the book!!  Have any of you used the KonMari method yet? 

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  1. I didn't realize vertical folding takes up less space. I don't have very much closet space, so this might be a way I can move some of my shirts to drawers to free up space. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great Tips. I plan on redoing my closet soon.


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