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Thursday, January 28, 2016

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With Valentine's Day around the corner I wanted to show myself some love since I've been working so hard on our new home.  So I decided to finish the gallery wall in the office and have my boyfriend help me hang everything.   I found some gorgeous art prints on

Art prints from are available in a variety of designs by a variety of designers.  You can even choose a frame so that when they get delivered to your door you can open them and hang them right away! Art prints are a simple yet classy way to decorate your home.  And art prints on a gallery wall add a lot of excitement just to one area.

These are the 4 art prints I chose.  I wanted to find ones that reflected my own life and things I want to see everyday as I work in the office.
This Pennsylvania Map is perfect because I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life and I don't plan to leave.  I thought the frame was perfect to give it a more architectural look, if that makes sense. 
This Unique Fishy print is a favorite of mine. It represents my favorite thing to say which is "It's okay to be different." I always go against the grain and sometimes I feel like I'm the only who does that but obviously I'm not because even this little fish is going the opposite direction!
This Home Sweet Home print represents my love for our new house.  I love this house and I treat it with so much care and attention that it has to know how much it means to me! 
This print is a great reminder for me to Work Hard & Be Nice to people.  Plain and simple.
I ordered these in different sizes which is the best thing to do for a gallery wall.  They look really cool when you stagger them.

I ended up displaying the Home Sweet Home print right in the entryway as reminder that this IS my home sweet home. 

Now I have a great offer for you guys - you can win $250 from Minted to spend on art prints for YOUR home.  Don't neglect your home with empty walls - show it some love!
To enter the giveaway visit this link.
Good luck!

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  1. Nice prints!! I love the little gold dots you painted on your wall - super cute!!

    1. They're actually wall stickers! how cool is that? ANd thanks! :)

  2. I love the "Be Unique" picture. I want that. I also love the polka-dots on the wall. So cute. :)


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