12 Annoying Things Coworkers Do

Monday, May 2, 2016

Working in an office is like nothing else. There are all types of personalities and pet peeves in an office. So today, I'm celebrating all of those by putting together a hopefully relatable post.... 12 things coworkers do to piss you the hell off!

1| They call you right after they send you an email.  Okay, so you just sent me an email and then you call me to tell me that you sent me an email and ask if I read it yet.   No! Knock it off.  Your 2 options are either 1. Turn a read receipt on if you wanna know if I read an email and 2. If you're just gonna call me to tell me what the email said, then don't even bother sending me an email.   Actually, it would be ideal if you just send me an email and wait like a normal person for me to read it and respond.  Phone interruptions are a pain in everyone's ass.

2| Standing at your desk talking for excessive amounts of time.  I do have things to do ya know?   Especially when you have an administrative position you have emails flying in every minute.  But it's cool - continue to stand here telling me about your f&$*ing experience standing in line at the store last night.  COME ON!!!!!!

3| Talking really f*$&%ing loud.  Inside voices please. What are we in frickin kindergarten again? Do I need to ask you to put your head down because you can't follow rules and keep your voice down?

4| Complaining about the smell of food or perfume. Yea like we don't already smell it ourselves.  Sit down like the rest of us. You don't have to run around shouting "do you smell that? Oh my God."  As long as you aren't smelling poop - just shut up.  Oh and if you don't like smelling cologne or perfume, well.. too bad.   It's called personal hygeine.  We like to wear deoderant and perfume.  Get over it!

5| Standing next to someone's cubicle having a personal conversation that doesn't involve them. Hey, can we take that elsewhere? 

6| Judging you for having a second piece of cake.  "Oh look, Susie's having seconds." Yea thanks for noticing, jack ass.  Stop judging me!!!!

7| Judging you for NOT having cake.  I love how people berate the healthy folks that don't want to partake in junk food celebrations.  Good God, talk about peer pressure.  Are you gonna ask me to do drugs with you too? Because you might as well sucker me in to that as well.

8| NOT washing their hands.  Dude, you work in an office.  If you don't wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, people WILL notice and they WILL talk.  So chances are, we all know who you are.  Not only that but how rude, do you really want to get us all sick? Okay, well I'll remember to cough right on your face once I catch something!

9| Making you feel bad for being younger than them.  I'm sorry my parents didn't bump uglies sooner so that I could be born closer to when you were and could understand whatever the hell show you are talking about.  Next time you ask someone if they know about that show, and they say no, there's no need to say "Oh you're way too young." Just be like.. "Oh I must be old as f$*%".

10| Micromanaging everything.  I hate micromanagers.  If you want your employees to get sh*t done, tell them briefly what you want and back off. Sitting at their cube all damn day is not productive.  Calling them 20 times is not productive either.  Having daily meetings is DEFINITELY micromanaging. 

11| Asking someone else before using your own brain.  Okay, so before you ask someone a question, pause, take a deep breathe, and ask yourself if you already know the answer.  Nothing makes you earn the title of "pain in my ass coworker" more than asking a dumb question. Oh and PS - if I have to google something for you, just know that YOU should have already googled it.

12| Coming into work when you're sick.  Really? That's the biggest F U.  Again, I'll be sure to sneeze on your keyboard.

So did I miss anything?

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  1. Hehehe!! Makes me sooooooooo glad that I now work from home! I put up with ALL of this for over 26 years! DakotasDen


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