My Advice For Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Friday, May 6, 2016

You’ve probably figured out by the picture at the top of my blog; I love dogs. They truly are the best friends. They’re caring, loving and make wonderful companions. All that said, you have to remember that when you get a dog, it’s up to you to keep them happy and healthy. In many ways, these things are one in the same. If your dog is healthy, it will most likely be happy. If your dog is happy, it must be healthy. Here are my tips on ensuring your dog gets the best quality of life that you can give it.

Play And Attention

If your dog is constantly bugging you, that means you’re not giving it enough play time. A dog should quite happily go to sleep when left alone and it will. But only if you’ve already given it enough exercise throughout that day. A good two hours of play is about what a dog needs throughout the day. But this can, of course, be broken down. It’s worth pointing out that it does depend on the breed and the personality of your dog. If you have a labrador, they’re very energetic. A chihuahua is just as energetic but will get tired far more quickly. Of course, it’s not just about playing with your pup. They like attention just as much as pets. So a tummy rub here and there wouldn’t go amiss either.


As well as play a dog often needs a couple of walks a day. You can’t include this in your dog's playtime. Playtime is to keep the dog happy and amused. Walks are purely for exercise as well as a chance for dogs to do their business away from your backyard. Again, it depends on the breed how long the walk needs to be. But a dog will tell you when they’re tired. If they lie down, it’s time to go home. If they’re quite happy to run when they’re off the lead, let them exercise for another thirty minutes. Taking the example of labradors, they can walk quite happily for close to two hours each day.

Check Ups

You need to regularly get your pet checked by a vet. They need to make sure that there aren’t any underlying issues that they’ve missed. As well as that, dogs need regular injections to keep them free of diseases. This can cost quite a lot of money, so dog insurance is essential. You can look up the cost of this online to find the best deal.

Good Food

Lastly, it’s important that you watch what you feed your dog. A lot of homeowners think giving their dogs human food is a great treat. But don’t be too sure. Some human foods can be dangerous to dogs and make them ill. There is a good reason why there’s such a thing as pet food. It’s because that food has been tested and deemed to be the best thing that you can feed your pet. A treat now and then won’t cause an issue. But you need to make sure that your dog is still get everything they need in their diet.

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