5 Ways to Make Life Easier with A Small Dog

Monday, May 23, 2016

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It should be no surprise to any of you by now that I love small dogs.  I mean, I have 4 chihuahuas of my own.  It's very different than owning a large breed but it's just as rewarding.  That being said, I wanted to put a few tips together on how to make life easier with a small dog.

If you are one of those people that can't stand the idea of taking a dog outside all the time to go to the bathroom, a small dog may be better for you because they can actually go inside on potty pads.  The trick is, to make sure you get the right kind of potty pads, otherwise you will have an even bigger mess to clean up.  I always look for large, durable potty pads that hold liquid (and solids) very well.  I personally choose Frisco Potty Pads from Chewy.  They are fast drying and they have plenty of layers to lock in wetness and prevent it from going through to the floor beneath it.  They even have a built in dog attractant so that makes these excellent for potty training. 

Some little dogs have tendancy to slip out of collars or they have sensitive tracheas so collars can be dangerous because it can crush them.  Harnesses are a great choice and can make it even easier to control a hyper dog.  When my dogs are home and inside, they don't wear any type of collar because I don't want to risk them getting stuck on something.
Since there's always a risk of choking with standard size kibble, make sure you use a small breed formula of dog feed which has tinier bite sized pieces perfect for your pooch's tiny mouth.

Since small breed dogs tend to be on furniture more, their fur tends to get EVERYWHERE.  I highly recommed vacuuming twice a week, every week.  Trust me, it really helps get the fur off your furniture so it won't get on your clothing when you sit down.

Smaller dogs tend to get stinky not from themselves but from being touched and held by people all the time.  The oils from our skin and hands can make them greasy.  So if you notice it's about that time, make sure you bathe them!

What advice do you have for small dog owners?

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