Medicine Safety Around the House (+ A Giveaway)

Friday, May 20, 2016

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Pretty much every one of us takes some sort of medication whether it's a vitamin or supplement or a prescription pill.  Many of us also have kids or houseguests and one of the important things to combine the two is keeping YOUR medications safe and away from others.   So today I wanted to introduce you to Med-Master Deluxe Steel Case, a steel medicine case that helps organize, secure, and protect medications from abuse, misuse, and theft.  It's from Penny Wise Office Products, one of the largest e-tailers of office supplies in the country, and they were excited to share this new product by MMF Industries with me! You can use it at home or if you're a healthcare professional and provide homecare services you may also find it very useful. 

Did you know that prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drug of American Teens 14 and older.  And of the people that abuse them, 70% say they get them from their family without their permission.  That's why something as simple as having a Med-Master case can help prevent overdose and prescription drug abuse. 

The Deluxe Steel Med Case has a programmable 3-digit combination lock to ensure no one can get in without the code.  It also has an LED 10x magnifying glass that is great for trying to read tiny labels in any lighting.   There's even a magnetic dry erase kit which you can use to keep track of refills, dosing, times, or any other special notes.     I also love the pill tray which is great for sorting and pouring and you can wash it in the dishwasher. 

The door opens 90 degrees and actually was made to act as a shelf to help sort and manage medicine right by the cabinet which eliminates the risk of leaving bottles unsecured.  I love the interior shelf. It's great for storage and keeping everything upright.  There's also a removable handle and it also comes with easy mount holes for secure wall placement! The batteries and hardware are all included and everything was so quick and easy to put together! This gives me so much peace of mind because I don't need to worry when friends bring over their kids or if people are in my house to use the restroom I know they can't get into my prescriptions. 

This product and thousands of others are available for free, next day delivery from Penny Wise.  They also offer a free full line catalog when you call 1-800-942-3311 or visit

And today one of you is going to win a Deluxe Steel Case of your own!
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  1. As a medical professional, I really love this post. You should really have one of these if you have prescription pain medication around. You never know who is going to come to your home and go rooting through your stuff. It's the people you least expect!



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