How Gardening Benefits You

Monday, May 16, 2016

So in case you haven't seen in the past few weeks, I've taken up gardening. As a homeowner with a decent sized yard, it just kind of naturally fell into place.  I originally wanted to start in containers but then ended up with 2 raised garden beds.   Gardening is a wonderful thing to do as a hobby whether it's just for fun or to reap the edible benefits so to help explain what's enjoyable about it, I put together a post with a few ways gardening can benefit you.

[1] A sense of purpose
Gardening is one of those things where you put in the work and then you see results, and it's fantastic.  The sense of pride behind each flower or vegetable is so rewarding and it helps bring out our nurturing instinct.  I mean think about it, you're taking care of something to keep it alive and thriving.

[2] It's an instinct
Gardening is actually an instinct inside of us all.  Granted, you may never notice that if you don't have the right situation in your life but if you have a home, enjoy cooking and eating healthy, and don't mind yard work, you may very well find yourself gardening.  Think about it though, back in the day that's what human beings did to survive. You had to grow food so that you didn't spend your whole day searching for it.  So it's no wonder it's technically an instinct.   I can vouch for that too because while I didn't know much about it at first, it started to come more naturally.

[3] It's great exercise
I burn A LOT of calories gardening.  Of course there's all the walking back and forth but also the digging, pulling, harvesting, and working out in the sun sweating up a storm. 

[4] It's therapeutic
There's something about being so close to nature that really brightens a person's spirits.  Even when I'm feeling blue, sitting around my plants and flowers always seems to lift me up.

Do you garden?   Do you find it beneficial?

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