9 of the Most Annoying Drivers

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As if driving isn't stressful enough when you're stuck in traffic and the suns in your eyes...you also have to deal with morons, slowpokes, and people that legit think they are the only ones on the road.  Now, if you follow me on Snapchat you probably have already heard me bitch about all these different types of drivers.  And if not, well you are going to be thoroughly entertained, I promise you that!

Without further ado, I present to you 9 of the most annoying drivers on the roads.

//The Old Head//
You know it's gonna be a baaaaad time when a Buick pulls out in front of you.  It's almost always an older person.  They can be easily identified by the tissue box in their rear window.  They hold the steering wheel so perfectly and as they drive they don't move an inch. They don't even look left and right before crossing an intersection.   They come complete with the big ass wraparound sun glasses  that sometimes make me wonder if they can even see at all.  

//The Scenic Driver//
Everyone else is paying attention to the road, the signs, the speed limit, and the other drivers.  But noooo, the scenic driver is too distracted by looking out their window (usually with a passenger next to them) to look at... well, what ARE they looking at?   It's never any fancy houses or crazy scenery.   I start screaming HELLOOOO???? Look at the road!! They start swerving and randomly braking when they don't need to.  Maybe they don't know what a rearview mirror is because if they DID, they'd notice the long ass line of cars behind them that's being held up by the tourism.  Wanna stare out your car window? Get the F&$* out and take photos! 

//The Airhead//
The airhead is NEVER with it.  Lights will turn green and they just sit in the middle of the road day dreaming.  You must have had a real exciting night last night because you clearly can't get it off your mind. 

//The Compulsive Braker//
Good God these people are the worst.  You will be on the highway or on a winding back road (unable to pass them of course!) and they brake every 5 seconds.  Sometimes I wonder if they think it's the gas pedal.  Other times I wonder if they are afraid of every thing they pass because it seems to make them brake. 

//The Left Lane Moron//
The left lane is for passing and driving WITH traffic.  If you wanna dilly dally around, get the hell over in the right lane. 

//The Weaver//
This @$$hole weaves in and out of traffic like a nutjob which nearly causes everyone to crash.  And of course, there is NEVER a cop around to catch them.

//The Smoker//
Why does it seem like they threw their cigarette directly behind them to hit your car?  And ugh, that smell comes right through the vents. Thanks for the second hand smoke stinky!

//The Up Your Ass Driver//
I am always up with the speed limit so when someone is riding my ass it's simply because they are just a psychopath. 

//The Frozen Driver//
It's like their car froze and they can't move up an inch to help let someone cross the road or get into a parking lot.  They sit there with 10 feet in front of them and if they were paying attention to the world around them they'd realize that if they inched up, the other drivers could fall into the correct place.  Jerks!

So which type of driver pisses you off the most?  

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