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Monday, May 30, 2016

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I workout a lot so I have a lot of workout clothing to choose from.  But just like with my dresses, tops, and jeans, I have a favorite pair of workout pants and a favorite sports bra.    All too often, I've worked out and then went about my day running errands and doing yard work before I shower, but after a couple hours I felt like my chest was going to explode. I'd feel squished and I had HUGE indents in my skin from my straps.  All I ever wanted was a super comfortable workout bra.   And finally I've found it!

Some people don't understand why people care about getting "nice" workout gear.  The thing is - when you look good you feel better and you are more likely to give it your all during a workout.  Plus, you want to be comfortable.  Wearing a ragged old worn out sports bra and pants that don't fit properly just distracts you and doesn't make you feel ready to kick butt.  In fact, it makes me grouchy.  That's why I make it such a big deal to get workout apparel that I absolutely love! It helps me look forward to working out because I can pick out an awesome outfit that not only looks good but feels amazing when I put it on!

The Adjustable Bra from Handful is so amazing.  First of all, the fabric is the softest ever! It's also quick drying and wicks away sweat so I don't feel so icky after my workout.  I love the removable pads and the flat seams on the inside.  The straps are really comfortable and can be kept as an X back or tied up as a halter.  This bra comes in a variety of colors too.   It allows me to move as much as I need to during a workout and I don't have to worry about anything popping out, a strap falling, or the bra riding up on me.

Now for workout pants I am obsessed with my Compression Capris from Physiclo! These capris have a built-in resistance technology that really help make my workouts more productive.  These are sleek and breathable and the inner elastic layers are like resistance bands around the legs.  They target quads, hamstrings, abductors, and glutes.  I can't believe how comfortable they are and they really do help me with my form and how hard I go when I do my workouts.  I can really feel a difference which is why these are one of my favorite workout capris EVER!

And I have a fantastic giveaway for you guys! One lucky winner will get a pair of compression capris from Physiclo!
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  1. I get super frustrated with workout pants from other retailers cause they tend to show though around my booty. I've checked a few times and these don't show though AT ALL. The workout clothes also smooth out my thighs and backside very nicely.


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