7 Reasons You *MUST* Follow Me on Snapchat

Monday, May 9, 2016

Snapchat is all the rage these days, and like most trendy things, I avoided it like the plague.  Then one day when people weren't talking about it around me as much, I decided to give it a spin.  I was hooked.   I love Snapchat and I love interacting with people on there.  So instead of just telling you to add me on Snapchat, I'm going to give you 7 great reasons why you really MUST add me!

 [1] One-on-One Convos
I love chatting with my friends (both ones I know in real life and ones I've met through blogging) in a video chat. It's awesome because we can just go back and forth and back and forth in conversation.  I know there are some Snapchatters out there that don't really interact much but that's one of the big reasons I like Snapchat.

[2] Behind the Scenes
If you follow me on Snapchat you will definitely get plenty of behind the scenes looks at my life.  Whether it's the outtakes from trying to take blog photos, making a mess while cooking, struggling to find something to wear, and interacting in really goofy ways with my friends and family. 

[3] Cute Dogs with Funny Voices
If you aren't a big dog person that's okay because I promise that my dogs DO NOT take over my Snapchat, but there are occassions where I record them making a strange face at me as I sing to them and then have the voice changed to high or low using a filter.  I promise it's entertaining.

[4] People Watching/Creepin'
 I love where I live but I have some strange people that walk by my house on a daily basis so I usually put "creepin on the neighborhood" snaps up a few times a week.  They seem to be a big hit. 

[5] Exclusive Content
There are some things I won't post about anywhere else except on Snapchat.  I like showing off progress pics of a project I'm doing and I love giving quick tours of different parts of my home and yard.  So if you are like me and you love being nosey and seeing how other people's lives and homes look...you will be very pleased.

[6] Funny Car Videos
Sometimes I get bored while I am stuck in traffic so I start babbling on or singing along to a song.

[7] Hilarious Rants
If you love how I bitch about annoying things that happen when grocery shopping or the types of drivers that piss me off then you will be in Heaven with my Snapchat.  I loooooove sharing hilarious pet peeves and I've learned that a lot of people agree!

So there you have it..... now how do you go about following me?

You can click this link....

You can screenshot this photo and then add me through there in the Snapchat app....

Or, You can go to Add Friends and type in my username - ellenr886.

Please add me so I can add you back and you can enjoy my hilarious sarcastic goofy life!

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