6 Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

Thursday, December 13, 2018

6 Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

No matter how hard you work, sometimes your full time job just isn't enough.  Maybe you aren't able to work overtime at your job or you just aren't bringing in enough to pay your bills on a weekly basis so you want to start making some additional income.  Either way, I have 6 side hustles you can consider to boost your income and I'll discuss the pros and cons of each one. 

There's no shame in the side hustle!

Rideshare Driver

Being a rideshare driver for companies like Lyft and Uber is a great side hustle.  I've actually driven for Uber myself and it was a great way to earn some money ASAP to pay off some minor debt I had accrued. I don't think I'd ever do Uber on a full time basis unless I had to but doing it part time when you need the extra money is a GREAT way to boost your income.
Pros: You can work whenever YOU want and you get paid right away.
Cons: You use your OWN car, sometimes people are cheap and don't tip, and you put a lot of wear and tear on your car.  

If you are someone that LOVES cleaning then you're in luck because there will ALWAYS be a need for this.  People hate cleaning and most of us have hardly any free time to really do a deep clean of our homes.  So if you are known to your friends as the cleaning queen, consider posting online and offering your services to friends and family. 
Pros: You can work your own hours and if you enjoy it, it won't seem like work.
Cons: Some people may not be so pleasant, and you have to bring your own supplies.

Organizing is another task that most people either don't enjoy or they can't handle themselves so if you're a pro at organizing, advertise yourself and start offering to help others in exchange for cash. 
Pros: EVERYONE could use this service.
Cons: It can be time consuming given the size of the job.

Pet Sitting
I am registered as a pet sitter on the Rover app and it's relatively easy to set up, get referrals and testimonials from friends and family, and set your rates.  Whether you just want to walk dogs or you will stop in and check on people's cats when they're away, it's a great way to spend time around animals and get paid.
Pros: You have the power to accept or decline offers and you can set your own rates.
Cons: Sometimes it can be stressful.

Selling Things You Already Own Online
If you have a lot of "stuff" then you're in luck.  People like me that are embracing minimalism usually have run out of stuff to get rid of, but if you're on the opposite end of the spectrum, you can possibly make a lot of money selling some of your unwanted items online
Pros: You can charge shipping fees and set your own prices. You also get rid of stuff you don't need AND make money off it.
Cons: There are some websites that take a cut, sometimes your items won't sell, and it can be a tedious task to photograph, write descriptions, and determine prices for all your things.

Making Crafts
Since a lot of us LOVE crafts whether it's sewing, Cricut creations, or jewelry making, we may as well try to turn a profit off of it.  You can sell through your Facebook page or make your own website.  Some people choose to sell items on etsy where everyone knows to look for handmade items.  You can look up local craft fairs in your area too and set up a booth.
Pros: You enjoy making things so it won't feel like work. 
Cons: You have to buy your own supplies and it can be time consuming to get things done on a deadline.

They key to a good side hustle is finding out what fits your lifestyle.  What are you talented at that you could do as a side gig?
6 Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

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