How To Save Money On Motoring This Year

Saturday, December 29, 2018

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If you're looking to economise, one of the best places to start is parked right on your driveway - your car! Motoring may be a convenience, but it can be quite an expensive one. Whether you're prone to long road trips in the summer or just rely on your wheels for school runs and commuting, there are are no end of costs to contend with. Luckily, if you're careful and conscious enough, there are definitely ways to cut your motoring costs. A few quick wins can save a little cash here and there which soon mounts up before you know it.
Be Choosy About Where You Park
Most of us just go for the closest car park to our destination, but you can often save a significant amount simply by factoring in a couple of minutes walking time and parking a little further away. Use a the web to compare car parking charges near where you want to go, and remember that a location slightly further away can potentially add up to a saving of hundreds over the course of a year. There are also a whole host of apps like Just Park where private individuals rent out their parking spaces and Driveways - this will often cost a lot less than parking in a big chain carpark. Equally, if you live near an airport, station, shopping or sporting venue, you could even consider renting out your own parking space when you aren't using it to offset your motoring costs.

Drive Safely
A huge cost can be our very own habits and certainly reckless driving can lead to enormous costs. Driving safely and cautiously, and with due regard to the weather and light conditions can go a huge way towards reducing your risk of being in a car accident. If the worst should happen, make sure you follow crash scene advice and get professional advice

Try A Car Club
If you don't drive every day, but you still need access to a car on a semi-regular basis, joining a car club could be a fantastic way to save money and the environment. Instead of paying for the running costs, tax, insurance and maintenance of a vehicle, imagine if you could have a flat rate, pay-as-you-drive cost instead - it would average out at so much less. Car clubs are a modern and highly cost effective way to get around and those who only use their vehicles for infrequent, short journeys can benefit from saving serious money. Most charge an annual membership premium as well, but an hourly rate and a per mile fuel cost, but generally this will still work out cheaper than owning a car yourself. If you drive more frequently, you could look to register with a lift sharing site like BlaBlaCar to connect with others making the same journey with the aim of splitting and reducing costs.

Drive Safely
One of the most effective things you can do to reduce motoring costs is to drive safely yourself. Getting involved in an auto accident is one of the most costly things that can happen, especially if you are at fault. Not only will you face the expense of paying for repairs, but your insurance premiums are likely to increase significantly if you have caused an accident and you will lose your no claims bonus. You may also face legal costs and if so, it's important that you recruit a good auto accident firm such as Stewart Law Offices, to help fight your case. Making sure that you follow safe driving practices, adjust your technique for any adverse weather conditions, and never, ever think about getting behind the wheel if you've been drinking may be the best step you can take to save yourself expense and heartache.

Save On Fuel Costs

The cost of your fuel is another significant part of the expense of being a car owner, but there are tips and tricks you can use to reduce your fuel consumption and make a saving. First of all, make sure you are shopping around when it comes time to fill up the tank and compare fuel prices at several different outlets. Small discounts on the cost will add up to big savings over time. Second, your driving style can help to significantly reduce your fuel spend. Things like making sure you’re in the right gear, not driving too fast or over-revving the engine, regular services, keeping your tyres pumped up at the correct pressure, smooth acceleration and braking, and not carrying around heavy loads unnecessarily can all help to reduce your use of fuel and save you money.

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