What To Get Your Pets for Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Christmas is such a fun time of year and everyone loves to celebrate by giving.  But what about your furry friends? You can't forget them!  Every year since I've been a pet owner, I've given gifts to all of my pets for Christmas, yes, even my fish.  So today I'm going to give you some ideas of gift ideas for different types of pets you may own.

Dogs aren't hard to please.   A box of dental chews, a new Nylabone, or even a new bed is a GREAT idea.  If your dog has a bin of toys, go through and purge whatever is too old and beat up or whatever he doesn't play with.  A great Christmas gift is replacing a beat up today with a brand new one!

If you have a dog that wears clothing in the winter when you go outside for walks, consider getting a new sweater for them.  Rocky is modeling his lovely red sweater above!

Cats LOVE to scratch. So what better gift to entertain them and save your furniture by getting a scratching post or even a cat tree.  They tend to scratch and paw at the carpeting that covers the tree.  They come in all different sizes and colors and if your cat doesn't want to use it, you can definitely sell it to someone else.  

Cats also LOVE to lounge around so a kitty bed is a great gift!   If they seem apprehensive at first (you know how high strung cats are!) then sprinkle some catnip in it!

Pocket Pets
Pocket pets are hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits. It's easy to get them a gift because they all LOVE treats and most of them enjoy playing with toys. 

This year, my two rats Meeko and Jax are getting the Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls from Chewy!  Toys like this are great because they help engage your critter.  They can chew them or you can stuff food and treats and hay inside so they spend hours working to pick the balls apart. 

 Chewing is important for small animals like rats because it helps them maintain the length of their teeth and keeps them healthy.  And for treats, a bag of yogurt drops is always a big hit.

Reptiles LOVE heat rocks so that should make your decision pretty easy.  Also you can revamp their home set up by choosing a new wallpaper background for the tank or even new plants.  

Some reptiles even get walked on a leash so if that's the case with yours, consider a new harness or leash. 
The same goes with fish - they love plants.  Last year I got my Betta Fish Grif a leaf to lay on.  He loved it for a few days but then passed away.  He was old.  So now it's in the new Betta Fish Lucky's bowl!   You can also give them new rocks for the bottom of their tanks!

If you really wanna go all out consider upgrading your tank or aquarium to make it better and even add more fish! Aquariums are great for a number of reasons - they provide a bigger playing ground for your fish, and they are so relaxing to look at! But if you are concerned that it’s a big ask to maintain or upgrade an aquarium, you can find an aquarium service near you that would help you every step of the way!

Birds are a pretty fun pet to shop for because they LOVE toys. There are all kinds of toys with bells and whistles (quite literally) on them to choose from.   There are also all kinds of fun treats for birds that you can choose from.  And if you really wanna go big - Get them a brand new bird cage!

What are you going to get your pet for Christmas this year?


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  1. My dogs would always get a new dog bone for Christmas.


  2. Nylabones, Jolly ball, new bed, Kong Extreme and treats for our dogs. The cat gets a scratcher refills for his toy and treat dispensing ball and treats.


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