Stress Free Christmas Shopping in 4 Easy Steps

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tis the season for horrendous traffic, long check out lines, and crowded aisles, right?   Well, if you're smart about Christmas shopping this year, it doesn't have to be miserable for you. 

I've been a pro with this and I'm here to teach you my ways.   If you take the stress out of Christmas shopping you can actually sit down and enjoy the beauty of the holiday season. 

Start Early

Honestly, I get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving most years but that's because gift cards are my friend.  I brainstorm in Fall and think of what the people on my list may want.  The last thing you want to do is be out the week before Christmas when people are driving like they're trying to flee the country and risk a car accident.  If you don't want to do it before Thanksgiving, do it the week or 2 after.  You want to get it over with early so you can focus on enjoying the Christmas parties, decorations, festive movies and music, and time with your family.  Why anyone would rather waste it trying to deal with lines in a store is beyond me.

Shop on Weekdays
I know it's easier to find the time to go shopping on a weekend but that's when everybody goes so it's always really busy.  Instead, take a weekday off work to get it all done or split it up over a few evenings.  The stores are less crowded, lines shorter, and traffic isn't so bad after rush hour on a weeknight.  Plus, if your kid wants to see Santa, the lines aren't as long as the are on weekends.

Stick to a List and Budget
My favorite piece of advice for stress free Christmas shopping is to make and stick to a budget. You just decide on a total budget that you're able to spend and then list who you want to buy a gift for.  Brainstorm ideas of what to get each person and keep an eye on your budget.  Some people choose to shop first then see how much they spent.  NO! Only buy gifts you can afford!  

Christmas shopping free printable budget

Stay Hydrated and Nourished
We all get a little hangry after being on our feet or in a car with traffic stop and go, so it's REALLY smart to keep a water bottle in your car for when you're thirsty, and keep some snacks in your handbag for when you feel cranky.  I never shop on an empty stomach because it makes me tired and then I get really impulsive with my shopping decisions. Carry some granola bars in an effort to keep you alert and away from fast food.

So you see, Christmas shopping does NOT have to be a nightmare.  With a few easy steps you can make the most of your holiday cheer without wasting energy last minute shopping.

What's your biggest challenge with Christmas shopping?


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