10 Practical Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

Thursday, December 6, 2018

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10 Practical Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

We all have those people on our gift list that either seem to have it all or they just aren't big into material things. Either way, it's silly to get a wasteful gift that won't really get utilized or just ends up being a waste of money for you to even buy it.

So today, I've put together a list of some SUPER practical gift ideas for pretty much anyone on your list.

meal kits like hello fresh are a great gift idea

Meal Subscription Services
So I'm sure you've seen photos of those subscription services like Hello Fresh on social media in the last year or so and it's because they are awesome!   If you know someone that cooks but is very short on free time, buying them a gift membership for a week or two of meals on one of those sites is a GREAT idea.  There's Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, and plenty more to choose from.  You can get them a gift subscription and they still get to pick the meals.  Its great for families as well!
a gift certificate to a car wash is a great gift

Car Wash Gift Certificate
Basically this is a winner because nearly everyone has a car and nearly everyone gets annoyed having to keep it clean.  If you get a gift certificate for someone to a local auto spa, it's like giving them VIP service to be spoiled because they don't have to do the work, and their car will look great.  I've never heard anyone complain about receiving a certificate to a car wash as a gift for ANY occasion!

Spa Day/Massage
Both men and women could use a day to just chill the heck out and with all the Groupon deals out there, you can not go wrong with a spa day or even just a simple facial or massage.
Rain boots make a stylish and practical gift

Rain Boots
Yes, I said it...rain boots make an AMAZING gift for both men and women because they are extremely practical and you only need to know their boot size.  Rain boots can be worn in the slushy mess of Winter or the sloshy rivers of Spring.  And even if someone already owns a pair, you can never go wrong with having 2 pairs.

You know what people hate buying? Luggage.  You know what they hate doing? Packing for a trip.  So you can solve at least one of those issues by gifting someone a luggage set.  People hate spending their own money on it because it's basically a necessity if you're traveling.  If you have someone on your list that loves to travel and they're younger and just starting out in the world, they likely are in need of a real nice luggage set.
Every homeowner can use a gift basket

Homeowner Gift Basket
If you have someone on your list that just got their own place or recently bought a house, you can't go wrong with a DIY homeowner gift basket.  Just get a large storage bin or basket (because it can be used practically to hold the goodies and to store stuff in the person's home, duh!) and fill it with stuff they'd need. Some examples of things I've seen are:
Welcome Mat
Cleaning Tools
Soaps and Hand Towels
Candles and Light Bulbs
Wine (because it's stressful owning a house!)
Throw Pillows
Throw Blanket
Kitchen Tools

Tool Set
If you have people on your list that you KNOW don't own a basic tool set, it's a really good idea to get them one.  Even if they don't know how to use each tool, at least they have them.  That's what YouTube Tutorials are for right?
bath towels are a practical gift idea

Towel Set
Gifting someone a fresh new set of bath towels is a great gesture because most people get overwhelmed shopping for towels.  Why are there different weights and thicknesses?  I just want something that will dry me off! Take the guess work out for them and just pick a set.  And even if they don't need them right away, it'll be there when they have guests over or when they eventually need to start using their current bath towels as garage rags.

You can never go wrong with a little cold hard cash because there really isn't any human being that doesn't want or need some extra money.  If all else fails just give the person some cash so they can buy whatever they want for themselves.

a DNA kit like MyHeritage DNA is a great gift idea

This is a gift that will surely keep on giving.  I got my DNA Results from MyHeritage DNA and it was amazing! If you go here and use the code ELLENROSS you can get free shipping ($12 value).  It's amazing to learn what your heritage is and where you came from plus you can sometimes find long lost relatives if you do some digging!

What gift ideas are you going to choose for the people on your list?

10 Practical Gift Ideas for Anyone On Your List

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  1. Cute ideas, Ellen!! You can never go wrong with a nice set of soaps/cleaners/candles like Williams Sonoma or Caldrea - that's one of my go-to gifts.

  2. All of these are great gift ideas.



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