6 Practical New Year's Resolution Ideas

Monday, December 17, 2018

6 Practical New Year's Resolution Ideas

Yes, it's totally cliché, but who cares?! When a new year starts, it's a new opportunity for better habits and new goals, so it's totally fine to jump on the New Year's Resolution bandwagon.  I think resolutions are a great way to set attainable and realistic goals for the future and give yourself a timeline.  After all, a goal is really a dream with a time limit.  So if you're looking for some resolutions for 2019, check out these ideas below.

52 Week Savings Challenge helps you build up a savings fund over the course of a year

Build a Savings Fund

You can start with the 52 Week Challenge and by the end of next year you'll have $1,378 saved up! A savings fund is a must have because it's there for emergencies so you don't have to use your credit card and get into debt.  It can seem very overwhelming if you try to save up money all at once and usually your motivation fizzles out and you give up.  That's why working on it over the course of the year is a better idea and it's not so drastic of a lifestyle change.  Plus by the time you have to save the larger amounts up, you'll have been doing this for a long while and you won't even flinch.

budget spreadsheet that can help you get your finances in order

Get on a Budget
Everyone always talks about it but they fail to take the necessary steps to actually sit their butt down and MAKE THE BUDGET.  Following the budget isn't the hardest part.  The hardest part is making it because everyone's too stubborn to take the time out and do it.  So check out my post on how to get on a budget and get my free budget spreadsheet template! A budget is the key to everything having to do with your finances because it lets you see what you spend, adjust what you SHOULD spend, and let's you know where your money goes.

Spending Freeze
Each month, commit to a spending freeze on a specific category.  Maybe you want to avoid buying candy or sweets for the month, or buying clothes when you already have plenty.  It's actually super fun to brag about it because people always want to know why you are refusing to do something and what the benefits are.  Let's see... going on a spending freeze for candy means you won't be eating all that sugar and calories and you'll be savings some money.  It's kind of fun to brag about your freezes too!
a fitness tracker is a great way to motivate yourself to take more steps each day

Be More Active
Oh don't start groaning already! You don't even have to actually work out.  Just start being more accountable with the steps you take each day.  A fitness tracker is a great way to see how active you are (or aren't) and it becomes a goal to get at least 10k a day.  You may find yourself walking to the printer more often at work or taking walking breaks during the day.  Seriously, if you have an intense cleaning session every week it's better than doing nothing at all.
Getting organized in your entire home makes it a stress free place where you can find EVERYTHING

Organize Your Home
Listen, you know you say you're going to do this EVERY YEAR but you never do.  So do it for once!   Check out the KonMari Method or any of my organizing posts.  Having an organized home means less stress because you don't see clutter and chaos everywhere, more money because you aren't buying duplicates of things you can't find, and more time because you aren't constantly looking for things or cleaning and putting junk away in places where it doesn't belong.  Start with your closet and work your way to other categories.  

Meal planning helps you eat better and save money

Eat Better Meals
Start meal planning and stop eating out all the time. You'll save money and make smarter food choices.  Think of some foods you really love then google around and find easy recipes for them.

These are all simple things that you can work on over the course of the year and celebrate your success along the way!

What are you going to work on in 2019?

6 Practical New Year's Resolution Ideas

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  1. I need to get better at meal planning.



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