5 Keys To Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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Every night around 9 pm I watch TV and lay on the couch.  As 10pm nears, my body gets more tired, my eyelids get droopy, and by 10 on the dot I'm ready for bed.  I lay down in my bed, turn the fan on, fluff my pillow, and put on my sleep mask as I inhale the scent of the pillow spray.  Within minutes I'm out cold.  

Does this sound like you? If not, then oh boy are you going to want to read this post.  Getting a good night of sleep is CRUCIAL to your health and ability to function on a day to day basis.  When you're tired and groggy you can't concentrate at work, you can't stay motivated to eat right and exercise, and your health can suffer if you are weak and catch a nasty bug. 

So what's the key to getting a good night's sleep? 

This picture shows all 5 keys for me.  My collection of awesome keys to a good night's sleep come from One Fresh Pillow.

A Decent Pillow Case
Some of you have a scratchy, stinky, old pillow case on your pillows and I have no idea why.  The One Fresh Pillow pillowcase is super soft and fits standard and king pillows.  It's hypoallergenic and breathable so I love it because it doesn't make me all sweaty while I sleep which is super bad for my skin. It's made from 100% Egyptian Cotton and is 600 thread count.  Make sure you wash your pillow case weekly because you definitely don't want to be sleeping in the same bacteria, skin cells, and dirt night after night. 
A Supportive Pillow
I love my new One Fresh Pillow Signature Pillow mainly because it's comfortable but also because I love how it works. It's double-sided so one side has 100% polyurethane shredded memory foam that's shredded just right so it's not lumpy.  The second side is full of 100% polyester faux down fibers.  They're moisture resistant and in between is a breathable membrane that separates both sides.  It allows for air flow between the chambers.  

Why is this pillow so awesome? Because if you're a side-sleeper the breathable shredded memory foam side will support your head and neck so you don't wake up feeling like you slept on concrete.  But if you're a back sleeper the alternative down side provides your neck with support so you can sleep comfortably all night. 

You need a SUPPORTIVE pillow that works for your sleeping habits.  Why else would you settle for anything less?  How do you expect yourself to get a good night of sleep without the proper support and alignment for your head, neck, and back. 
A Pleasant Air
I'm serious when I say if you have a stuffy, stinky, humid room, it's going to make it hard for you to fall asleep.  The place you rest your head should be calm, peaceful, and pleasant.  If you sleep better in the colder temps make sure you turn your thermostat down, put a fan on, and keep the air smelling fresh.  This Sleep Spray is lavender scented which is a scent that relaxes most people.  You can spray it in the air above your bed or right on your pillow.   It always helps me relax as I wait for sleep to creep up on me. 
Some of you sleep with too many lights and open window areas in your bedroom and that is not conducive to a good night's sleep.  When your eyes are exposed to light it can trigger you to wake up and stay alert.  If you struggle to keep your eyes shut, what better way to do it then a sleep mask.  I swear the second this thing covers my eyes it makes my brain go into shutdown mode.  I'm dead to the world and it's an amazing feeling. 

What do you struggle with when it comes to sleeping well? 

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  1. I so need to go and buy myself a new pillow.



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