Getting Fit for Summer

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Summer is basically here now so if you are ready to break out of the curse of 2020 and move forward, now is the time! Weight loss for women is a very touchy subject of course, but the advice I offer today is neutral and all of it can be tailored to fit your own personal goals as well as your own lifestyle.  Here's how you can work on getting fit for Summer.

Expand Your Appetite
Instead of the same old same old with meals, look for new recipes online that contain healthy, whole ingredients like veggies and fruits.  If you have a garden, now's the time to plan recipes each week that include things you grow and can consume yourself.   I know for me personally, I get too comfortable with what I ate in the cooler months and my diet gets pretty boring.  It's a lot of high starch meals that I was used to so I always try to brainstorm things I can eat that are great for warm weather.  A large chicken caesar salad for dinner out on my patio is what I envision for one of my meals next week! 
Move More
Now that the weather is nice and you don't have to bundle up just to go get the mail, it's time to get outdoors and get moving.  You can take daily walks or runs, make a list of weekly  yard work chores to do, or embrace nature by taking hikes or doing yoga outdoors.   Getting outside for fresh air and sunshine can help keep you motivated to move more and stop sitting on the couch every evening.
Embrace Self Care
Self care is a serious thing and when you're trying to work on your health and fitness, embracing self care aspects of your life can really help.  Always schedule time for your daily routine for skincare, exercise, and don't avoid taking rest days when you need them.  Letting your mind and body rest when you work on goals gives you a chance to reset and avoid burnout.  When exercising your body, allowing time to rest gives your body the chance to repair itself which can help avoid injury.  Know your limits and don't push yourself too hard if you know you can't handle it.
See a Professional
There are many great professionals out there like Andrew Hanoun, that can help you figure out your goals and a plan to get you there.  There are professionals in person and even online through virtual meetings that will work with you for your own personal needs and can help keep you motivated and encouraged.  Sometimes it helps when you have someone to seek guidance from and act as your own personal cheerleader. 
Make sure you log your progress, goals, and habits so you can refer to them in the future.  It's also fun to check at how your habits and progress have improved and grown.  Journaling in general is a great habit for everyday and when you are expressing yourself and taking notes on your achievements, you tend to take things more seriously. 
Whatever your goals are for the summer, the tips I listed above can help you get there and you'll feel so good along the way!

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