How To Easily Manage Your Large Family

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


The decision to have a large family isn't one you should make hastily. While you may want to raise a big household due to sibling relationships, it is due to adoption and marriages for others. According to recent US statistics, approximately 6.8 million families live with more than three under 18 children in the household. While having a large family can have its perks, its challenges can be daunting sometimes. Assuming you have a considerably large family, here are four practical tips for efficient family management.

Keep a schedule

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Variety, they say, is a spice of life, yet that cannot be applied to a large family. Having a schedule that everyone can follow is necessary for ensuring family engagement. Irrespective of whether you have clutter to remove, laundry to do, or a favorite TV show to catch, a familiar routine is something the entire family can use. For example, things can be much simpler when you plan a day out with the whole family to have fun. This compelling yet straightforward tip will save you a ton of stress when your schedule changes and things get stressful. This is where everyone -mum and dad and the kids- must stick together.

Restrict certain activities

Music, sports, and clubs can be good experiences for your kids, and you can encourage them to be great team players and persevere. Yet too many activities can prompt an almost unmanageable situation. If you have younger kids, it is vital to restrict them to an activity or two at a time. Driving older kids can take on the added stress. Homeschooling families may have more time on their hands for extra activities. Add an activity per every child and see what works for your family.

Organize the chaos

Clutter can quickly get out of hand with a large family. This is why it is essential to organize your home and have a space for everything. For instance, you can have in and out baskets for the papers your kids need to be signed for the next day's school. You can have a hanger on your wall for your backpacks for easy grabbing the following day. Clutter can make your home quite uncomfortable, so it is essential to decide what you are keeping and what must be removed. This is even more practical when your household moving is around the corner. Go through the closet more frequently, pass down outgrown clothing to younger siblings if possible, or donate it to charity.

Assign your kids with chores

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Mums are great – they love to take on the home and household chores all by themselves. As adorable as that seems, you could be denying your kids some vital life skills if you don't get them on some household chores. Why risk burnout or mental breakdown when you have all the family involved in fun time in the kitchen? Assigning roles isn't a weakness but a means of keeping the family together and resourceful.

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