How to Create a Glamorous New Look on a Budget

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


If you’re looking to treat yourself to a bit of a makeover, whether it’s a new wardrobe or beauty treatment, don’t worry, this doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of places you can buy stylish clothes on a budget and still create a stunning look. In fact, if you opt for thrift or vintage stores you can even find something more original. If you choose the right items, you can create more outfits for less, and even transform them with fun accessories. Here are a few ways to create a glamorous new look on a budget.

DIY beauty treatments

Rather than heading to the spa, you could try these DIY beauty treatments. Simply keeping your nails freshly painted will leave you looking more elegant and you won’t have to spend money on manicures. You could also enjoy an evening of pampering yourself with a facial, massage, or hair mask. Bring the spa home and turn your place into a haven of tranquility. You’ll start to feel relaxed and rejuvenated already.

Choose the right hairstyle for you

If you want a new hairstyle or cut, choose the right one for you. This will mean you can splash out once at the salon hopefully without any regrets. You can then save money on fixing your hair in the future. There are also a range of cuts and styles that are easier and cheaper to maintain. You can check this ultimate natural hair type chart to find out which match your hair.

Declutter your closet

The first step to getting a new wardrobe is to get rid of your old, worn, and dated clothes. You may find some of these are still in a good condition, so you could either donate them, or organize a clothes swap with friends. This is a fun way to acquire new clothes, without spending any money. You might just find you’re bored of the items hanging in your closet, but one of your friends wants them. There are also many health benefits of decluttering. It’s very beneficial for your mental well-being as it’s a great way to de-stress. The results are also very satisfying. Before you get any new clothes, have a thorough look through your existing wardrobe.

Define your personal style

To avoid wasting money on clothes you’re never going to wear, it’s important to learn how to find your personal style. This will help you choose the best clothes for you. Look for items that suit your unique personality and go for the patterns and colors you like. This will help you put together outfits that you feel more comfortable in. After all, you’ll want to show off your new look when you go out. If you’re not sure what your personal style is you could try experimenting with different looks until you find the right fit, or get inspiration from current fashion trends.

Go for versatile items

If you want to spend less you need to look for versatile items. Don’t just go for tops that only match one skirt your own, for example. Find things you can mix and match and combine with different items depending on the occasion or the season. This way you can invest a little more in quality items that you’re likely to get the most use out of. You can also dress up or dress down your outfits with shoes and accessories.

Check out second-hand options

Second-hand or vintage stores are the best places to shop on a budget. If you really want to save money and avoid spending, look in your local thrift stores as well. You’ll be surprised how many items you can find in a new condition and you can get anything from vintage pieces to top designers. This is also a much easier way to create a more unique look, and not to mention better for the environment. You can look for original pieces that really reflect your unique character and style, and for a fraction of the price of new clothes.

Transform outfits with accessories

If you learn how to accessorize, you can transform any outfit. You can go a little bolder with accessories as it’s easier to match them. For example, if you’re going for a more elegant look you could opt for a statement necklace or bracelet. You could also layer these with a mix of lighter pieces. The way you accessorize can change the look of any ensemble. You can combine a smart dress with sneakers, or an ornate jacket depending on the occasion. You can accessorize on pretty much any budget and you can find fantastic pieces in thrift stores as well. Have a browse online for second-hand accessories to brighten up your outfits.

Wear comfortable shoes

Most of the shoe trends in 2021 relate to being comfortable. This is probably due to the work from home style many people have adopted. If you’re putting together new outfits, unless you’ve got an invitation with a strict code, go for comfortable shoes. This is a much more cost-effective option as you’ll get more use out of them and look after your feet. You can combine stylish sneakers with skirts, dresses, or pants, so go for comfort and versatility. This way you can spend more on a quality pair as well.

Always practice self-care

If you want to look and feel healthier, shopping for new outfits isn’t the only important thing. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle you will feel better inside and out. Embrace the outdoors and get plenty of exercise. The great thing is that leisure and activewear is in style at the moment so you could even invest in new gear for hiking or cycling. Try mindful activities like meditating or forest bathing, or find a new fun hobby. If you spend some time practicing self-care, this will boost your self-esteem and you’ll have more fun when you’re shopping. It’s important to treat yourself from time to time, and this will make you feel more confident.

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