Signs You Need a Pest Management Company

Thursday, May 27, 2021


If you have pests, you may think you can handle the situation yourself but there are some signs when it makes more sense to call in expert pest management

Property Damage

Have you noticed something gnawing on walls, clothing, or furniture? Are there tunnels running along the walls? Have you seen any chewed-up wiring? These are all signs of pest property damage. The cost of letting these pests go uncontrolled could be dangerous. Wires gnawed on by rodents can be the cause of electrical fires. Termites can make the structure of the home unsafe.

Urine and Droppings

If you notice wet urine spots or rodent droppings then you likely have rats or mice. Cockroach droppings look like ground pepper. Both can be health concerns for the pets and people in your home since rodents carry deadly diseases, as do droppings. A professional can make sure that these pests get evicted and don’t leave behind any disease. 

Rustling and Scratching Sounds

If you hear any rustling and scratching noises then you have rodents in the house. If the rustling is coming from inside the walls then there could be destructive termites or carpenter ants there. You may also hear squeaking and whining. 

Pest Sightings

For every pest you see, there are probably more nearby. In fact, by the time you see some pests then the infestations have grown large enough that some of the colony members are forced out of the overflowing nests and this is why you are now spotting them. 

Rodents of Unusual Size

Rats and mice are common invaders but larger rodents, such as squirrels, can also find their way into your home. When these animals are trapped and become frightened, they can cause damage to both you and your home. Professionals are educated and properly equipped to deal with these invaders. 

Fabric Damage

Bugs and rats can also attack fabrics, even furniture, and mattresses. If you find these signs then it means there are pests in the home. If you aren’t sure then check for holes on the fabric or scratch marks. Also check drawers, which are a perfect place for pests to hide, and you are likely to find this. 


Pests breed and grow fast so you will also want to see if there are nearby nests. If you do find the nests then it’s much easier to control the infestation and destroy the pests. Rats will typically build nests all throughout the home and bring small scraps to make a home. If you find areas in the home with grass, fabric, leaves, or paper then it’s likely a rat's nest. Check the walls of the home in order to see if they are hiding there. 

Strange Smells

While sounds are a good indicator, you should also pay attention to any unusual smells. For example, if you can smell something rotten in the kitchen that can’t be traced back to any expiring food, it’s likely you have some sort of pest infestation and you want pest management. 

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