Staying Organized While Teleworking

Friday, May 21, 2021

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 So most people are either still teleworking or are being informed by their employer that it's going to be a more permanent thing now, which is great, but for some people, they are struggling trying to figure out how to get a work life balance in their home with their actual work space.  Here are some ways I stay organized while teleworking.

Have a Good Filing System. 
It's so important to keep your files organized whether it's in the office or at home.  Using a good filing system also helps you keep things organized when you have to run into the actual office every now and then.  When you need to gather the files you will need, they're contained in an orderly fashion. I absolutely love my method of organizing and I just got a new set of decorative file folders from Blu Monaco that are gorgeous! I have found that when I use beautiful colors and designs in the way I organize and file things, I actually take more pride in not only my work, but my organization as a whole.  These file folders I just got are so sturdy and have easy to use tab labels.

Have a Clean and Dedicated Desk.
A dining room table or couch is not the best permanent office space, so find an extra room to make your home office or if you don't have one, find a dedicated space with an actual work desk.  Keep your desk clear and uncluttered. Keep the decor minimal if you have a smaller desk.  The key is to make sure you can always stay focused when working and not have piles and trash all over your desk.   

Schedule Breaks.
Always make sure to take time away from your desk space so you can rest your mind.  Whether you just take a break and put some laundry in, wipe down your kitchen, or take a walk outside, breaks are so important even at home. 

Have Office Supplies at the Ready. 
Make sure your home office is set up like your actual office was when it comes to supplies.  If you use certain supplies quite often, make sure they are organized in a drawer so they're RIGHT THERE and you don't have to go searching your home for a paper clip or rubber band.
Keep Lists and Calendars.
Whether you use a planner, wall calendar, or regular notepads with To Do Lists, make sure you utilize them.  This is the ultimate way to stay organized whether at work, home, or when you travel. Keep track of important dates and due dates, ongoing project statuses, and tasks you need to complete whether it's on a daily or weekly basis.  I am a list maker.  I do it on my phone, my papers, my computer, and my calendars.  It's the only way I can keep myself sane. Find the ways that work best for you and roll with it. 
There are so many benefits to working remotely for most people but if you aren't organized, it can be more stressful than anything else so take some of the tips above and put them in place in your own life.

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