How To Make and Use a Vision Board

Monday, May 24, 2021


Vision boards have been around basically forever and can be used by anyone for any reason. A vision board is literally just that – a vision on a board. You use it to map out your goals and hopes for the future whether it’s the current year, your entire life, or just the next week. Traditionally, vision boards are made around January when people typically look ahead at what they want to manifest and achieve but you can do it any time of the year. Here’s how to get started.

Decide on 3 or so things you want to focus on for your goals.

Maybe it’s winning an award, getting a promotion, making more money, or even losing weight. It can be anything big or small. Write down the goals. Underneath each, write some words that pertain to each goal. For losing weight you might choose exercise, nutrition, and self-control. These words will help you decide how to visually represent your goals on your vision board.

Get your supplies.

You can use a simple piece of paper, a cardboard panel from a box, a bulleting board, or poster board. All you need besides that is glue and scissor, and some magazines to choose pictures from. You can begin collecting magazines throughout the year or if you want to, you can just print out pictures of the stuff you want to add. It can be words you cut out that correspond with the words and ideas you wrote down or just pictures that symbolize it.

Map it out.

Before you start gluing things down, arrange everything nicely so it fits and is appealing to you. If you feel you need more, then go searching for images and words.

Start visualizing and creating.

Now it’s time to start. While you glue your vision board items into place, really think about each one and how you plan to put it into action starting right now!! It’s almost like an active meditation practice.

Hang it up.

You need to find a spot for your vision board where you can see it often, like every day. Take a photo of it to keep with you on your phone as well. Place it somewhere that inspires you, not somewhere you’ll ignore it. If you have an exercise room in your home, place it in front of the treadmill. If you have a craft room you use often, put it right in plain sight.

A vision board acts as a reminder of your goals and the steps you should be taking to achieve them. It can also inspire you to keep going. The fact that you took your own time to craft it together and really meditate on it makes it more valuable to you.

You can make a vision board for a single goal or many goals. If you are writing a book, you can make a vision board of the entire process like how you want to write it, how successful you want it to be, and how much money you want it to bring you.

I know people that made vision boards for their entire life. They include everything they want to manifest in their life from health and love to marriage and a career. You can be as creative as you want because this is all about YOU and YOUR LIFE!

Have you ever made a vision board before?

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