6 Self Care Practices To Try This Year

Monday, June 7, 2021



To improve your mood and feel relaxed, self-care practices are what you need. It doesn’t have to be complicated, self-care can be anything that helps you to look after your body and mind. To give you some inspiration, try out these six practices.

1 . Creative writing

Expressing creativity can be highly therapeutic. It’s a great way to express emotions, practice a talent, and feel a sense of achievement. There are lots of different ways to practice creative writing, whether it’s poetry, short stories, or creative journaling. You don’t need lots of spare time, even a short 30 mins a week can be incredibly rewarding. To inspire your work, try reading a few new writers.

2. Become a ‘plant mom’

Looking after plants can benefit your health in many ways. Caring for plants is relaxing, it can help you to feel more connected with nature. Being around plants will boost your endorphin levels, making you feel more happy and energetic. There are so many beautiful house plants, and many of them are easy to look after. Jade plants retain water, (so it’s okay if you forget to water the plant sometimes)! Peace lilies are a great option if you tend to overwater your plants.

3. Redecorate your home

Creating a beautiful home can help you to feel happier and more relaxed in your space. The use of bright colors can lift your mood, and artwork can make you feel inspired. Before you redecorate, remove any old clutter which you no longer use. Clearing out your home can help to clear your mind, and improve the look of your rooms. To help you redecorate, apps like Paint My Place can help. The app allows you to virtually paint your home, so you can test out different color schemes.

4. Schedule your health checks

Perhaps it’s been a while since you had your eyes tested, or visited the dentist? Make 2021 the year that you schedule these appointments, and prioritize your health. The ASHA recommends that adults should have their hearing tested every three years. These guidelines are suggested for people who are not experiencing hearing loss symptoms. Individuals who notice problems with their hearing may need to schedule more regular visits. An audiologist can test your hearing, identify underlying conditions, and recommend the best hearing aid style.

5. A spa day treat

A classic spa day is a great way to look after your body and mind. Having a massage is an excellent way to relieve tension in your muscles, ease stress, and improve any aches and pains. Steam rooms and saunas are a great way to relax and ease joint and muscle pain.

6. Freshwater swimming

Freshwater swimming is an amazing way to experience the outdoors and get some great exercise. Exploring lakes and the surrounding beauty spots can help you to reconnect with the natural world. Swimming in cold water has plenty of health benefits, including boosting your immune system and reducing stress.

Healthy lifestyle changes can help you to improve your mood and experience new things. There are so many other ways that you can practice self care.

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