Slowing Down is Your Secret Weapon

Monday, June 7, 2021


I used to live a very fast paced life like most of us do.  Quarantine actually helped me realize I didn't need all the things I filled my time with.  The problem was I got so used to repeating the things I did that I thought I needed them.  Now I know I don't and it's been so helpful.  I have more time, energy, and money.  Here's how slowing down can be your secret weapon to a better life too!

Evaluate how you spend your time. 
Make a list of the time suckers and money suckers and monthly responsibilities.  Maybe it's getting your nails done, playing games on your phone, volunteering in multiple ways, or even something else.  List everything you do then list the cost for each and the amount of time you spend on each thing.  Include travel and prep time for everything on your list.   

Eliminate what you can. 
This is where you need to ask yourself if you really need these things.  For me, I realized I absolutely didn't need to pay for a manicure.  I had the supplies I  needed and after practicing for a couple weeks I realized I could do a good enough job that I could save the money I normally spent on it each month.  And I got my time back.  No more stressing over trying to get an appointment to get in and get it done.  Maybe you can even stop going to the gym and work out from your own home. 

Figure out what you save with time or money. 
I wrote down the amount of time and money I saved by eliminating certain things and noted them in the notes app on my phone.  This is a great feeling because you can actually see how much time and money you are technically getting back each month. 

Fill your free time with things you need to do. 
Things that need done but that you put off because you lacked the time and energy can now be tackled.  Whether it's a home project, a big purge of a closet, or starting an exercise routine on a daily basis. 

Fill your free time with things you want to do. 
Now I have way more time to read books, visit with friends, take nature walks, and take naps when I feel I need them.  I no longer feel guilty or have a nagging feeling that I have other things I need to get done.   If you want to simply have free time to catch up on your DVR shows, then you may now have it!! 

It feels so good to live at a much slower place.  I don't get behind on things like I used to before because I have so much time and energy and money to do them.  It's improved my life in SO MANY ways!

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